Dinner@Empayar Seremban Siew Pow

Seremban is famous for its siew pow (bun with bbq pork/ chicken baked till golden brown). We are now at Empayar Seremban Siew Pow; the main branch of siew pao. Not only selling siew pow but also assorted local products. Their siew pow is well established for many years.


The siew pow and other bakeries (egg tarts, pineapple tarts, salted egg cookies, kaya kok & etc) are baked freshly everyday. Sold out fast too…especially during holidays. You may expect alot of tourists there too. Besides the siew pow, their egg tarts also is a must try item!


You may refer here for the list of products:- PRODUCTS



A huge signboard which is visible along the North South Highway.


Assorted local products



I bought 10 pieces of siew pow. Each priced at RM1.30


Too bad the content wasn’t as generous as before.


Apart from that; it does served as restaurant. Particularly on Seafood. The fishes, crabs & prawns are fresh too. What I meant fresh is that; its still alive before its cooked.



Kirin Ebi (A type of prawn reared in deep ocean and specially processed using advanced technology).

I couldn’t really differentiate the difference, but kirin ebi’s shell is much harder and the size is slim & long in shaped.



Alex and I couldn’t figure out what to order. Therefore we went ahead with their recommendation.

Sang Min with Kirin Ebi (Yee Mee in Cantonese Style) – RM15


Hakka Char Yoke (客家炸肉)  (Fried pork in Nam Yue) – RM20


Crabs cooked with salted egg – RM45/kg


We enjoyed eating the crabs. Tasty and fresh. Overall the food that we ordered were good! But I felt the price is slightly expensive.


FOOD = 4/5

PRICE = 3/5



Empayar Seremban Siew Pow
LG1-57, Tingkat Bawah Tanah,
Pasar Besar TBK 4, Taman Bukit Kepayang,
70200 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan.
Tel: 06-601 6308/9.



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