Gong Cha Bubble Tea

Yeah..finally I got the chance to try Gong Cha Bubble Tea.

Earlier I blogged about Chatime then Ochado. All 3 are different brands of bubble tea which getting most of the popularity among the young generations. That includes me. *Big Grin*

I sort of addicted to bubble tea. Each time I travel to KL, I will find chance to get a cup. That is because I can’t get a good ones in Seremban. *sigh*

Yea..believe it or not, during the Raya break I had Bubble Tea for 3 consecutive days. Wahahaha….(with pearl of cos! my favorite after all)

Alright, back to Gong Cha. Currently there’s only 2 outlets in KL. Located at The Gardens Mall & SS15 (Subang Jaya). The kiasu me visited both outlets. I felt that both outlets are located in a rather secluded area. You may unaware of it.

“Gong Cha 貢茶 is a popular bubble tea chain that was established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2006, and since 2009, has since swept Malaysia’s neighbouring countries – Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Macau and The Philippines – by storm. The term “gong cha” is translated as the ancient act of offering tea to royalty, such as the Emperor of China.

crowd in The Gardens Mall outlet no lesser than others too.

LCD screens to allow you to choose your order easily. I noticed they don’t have much flavors/ choices in the menu. Unlike Gong Cha in Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan.

They only offers 1 standard size

Gong Cha Signature Milk Winter Melon Tea – RM5.90 (recommended)

Shake well before consume. I like the perfect combination of this drink. The milk and winter melon tea were so good and smooth! You should try it. (recommended 70% sugar)

add on “White Pearl” – RM1.50

Since everyone was saying about this ‘white pearl’ in Gong Cha, I definitely getting the chance to try it here. What is the difference between the ordinary pearl?  White pearl is made from seaweed extract. Therefore the texture is more chewy. Somehow I still prefer the usual black pearl.

Enjoy Gong Cha Signature Milk Tea in 3 ways

Winter Melon Tea – RM3.90

Nothing to shout about.

Plum Green Tea – RM4.90 (recommended)

Not too sour. Nice plum flavor yet you can still taste the aromatic brewed tea.

House Special Milk Coffee – RM6.90 (recommended)

Recommended for coffee lovers. Nice aromatic coffee drink.

Roselle Tea – RM4.90

hmm…not really into it. Not used to the taste.

Oolong Tea – RM3.90 (additional RM1 for Pearl).

A refreshing tea to quench your thirst with nice aromatic oolong tea.

Basil Seeds Lemon Winter Melon Tea – RM5.90 (recommended)

Though it sounded unique but the taste and combination were good. I like it. Flavorful taste from the winter melon tea, slight sourish from the lemon bits and a lil crunchy-ness from the basil seeds. 3 in 1 combi.

Gong Cha

  • S-238B, 2nd Floor,
    The Gardens Mall,
    Mid Valley City,
    Lingkaran Syed Putra,
    59200 Kuala Lumpur


  • No 3, Jalan SS15/7,
    47500 Subang Jaya


15 thoughts on “Gong Cha Bubble Tea”

  1. You can’t adjust the sugar level for winter melon tea. But yeah… I like their Signature Winter Melon Tea with White Pearls and Milk Oolong Tea with Pearls. Oddly, I’ve not tried the Basil Seeds. Haha.

    1. Hi Chong. Thanks for sharing. Yeap..you can’t adjust sugar level for winter melon tea. But for Signature Winter Melon Tea, you can do so. Basil seeds good to exercise our jaws..hahahha…keep munching =p

  2. Yalo.. Not much choice of drinks in Msia gong cha… Sg one will see till u penning.. Haha.. I love their melon teas.. Keke

  3. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for the post!
    May I enquire would you have the contact for those owner who own the franchise license in Malaysia?

    1. Oh! am really interesting about Gong-Cha. I want to have Gong-Cha shop so how i can have or contact or made a franchise?
      i want to open at thailand, Bangkok

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