Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day. On every 2nd week of May, it is the celebration for every mom.

A day to show our gratitude to our beloved mom. Same goes to me as well. But then it doesn’t mean that the rest of the days throughout the year we don’t do that. Just that on this special day we would normally bring our mom to have a nice dinner, not necessary to be in a great restaurant. I think just a simple bowl of noodle, it does make her happy feel proud too. On this day, you will normally expect the extra large crowd on every restaurant. (A good day to make business.) Therefore, I made my food ordering & table reservation in advance. We just dine in a simple Chinese restaurant near my house.

On this very special day; it reminds me on the dark side. Those moms who were abandoned by their kids. Its really sad to them right? Mother’s Day just couldn’t exist on them.

My mom is a very important person to me. She has been working really hard to raise us. Now we have all grown up. Its time for us to take care of her.

Mummy; I might not be a perfect daughter. I may not show my passion in words. But deep down in my heart I do care for you very much and for sure I will definitely show them all in action. I will try my very best to give you the best!

I LOVE YOU Mummy!!

To all moms in the world…HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY

A cake bought by Alex from Bread Story

chocolate cake

from left: Michele, Melissa(myself), Mummy, Marcus

Vernice & her Mummy (my niece & sis)

Grandma & Vernice (my mom & my niece)

yea…not to forget…a special gift for mummy from Lancome

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