Sing Along

On Friday I suggested to my mom; “Mummy, lets go for a karaoke session tomorrow morning”. Mom agreed to it! It has been almost a year I did not bring them for karaoke session. We went over to Green Box Karaoke in Jusco Seremban 2. We reached there at around 10.40 am. We are allowed to sing till 2pm. The price starts from RM14++, depending on the food you ordered.

We ordered shrimp paste fried rice, minced chicken Chinese style pasta & BBQ grilled whole chicken drumstick. Initially  I was quite worry that Vernice might not be able to cope with the situation or surrounding. Wow…to my surprise…she had fun & even dozed off there as well…She can even sleep soundly with noisy surround.

BBQ Grilled Chicken

Shrimp paste fried rice

minced chicken Chinese style pasta

seaweed soup & salad (from the Salad Bar)

Vernice grabbed hold of the mic

sis & mum singing

bro singing

sis & mom

sis & myself

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