how much do you miss your BARBIE & KEN Dolls

Barbie & Ken used to be very popular among the children,teenagers & adults I suppose. Nevertheless; it still remain its popularity till this decade. I recalled them as my childhood game. How I filled my time by then, playing with my sis & my neighbor. All of sudden, I’m missing those days, where you normally dress your barbie in the most stylish wear, comb their hair, twist its body, date barbie with ken. Ewww…I wish I have the time machine! Dad used to present Barbie for me & my sis as Christmas present. Can’t explain the excitement during that time. I can still remember how excited I was whenever dad would to bring us to Toy’s R Us shop. It was a huge toy shop in Subang Parade. (but now has the shop size has shrunk *sigh). Just like other kids you see these days, wide smile, pulling their parents over their favorite section. So enlightened when I saw a wide range of clothing, dolls, houses, accessories & etc. My parents couldn’t afford to get me big bungalows for my Barbies (so, my barbies only live in a basket/box) couldn’t afford to get luxury car for Barbie nor Ken (so, they just walk). Now that I can earn my own money, shall I buy some as a collection?? Hmm…..still doubting it…;-) I know the prices are expensive.

~I’m checking the latest design, see what have they improved…lets check them out here….

wahh…can change hair lagi!

she is a great shopper too??

so pretty…

OMG! so elegant…

wahh…ada anak pun…since when Barbie & Ken kahwin?? :-p

walau..check out the house. got swimming pool lagi!

my goodness….anjing pun ada..

**There are alot alot more…couldn’t post all of them here larr…..

One thought on “how much do you miss your BARBIE & KEN Dolls”

  1. I never have a Barbie doll leh… 😦
    Now each time I saw one and wanted to buy one so much… But donno where to keep… maybe when my house complete then i’ll buy. Hahahaha….

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