Can I keep one puhhless….

I suggested to Alex, why not we keep a dog once we have our own house. Each time I came across cute dogs, I would turn over to Alex and said; I WANT ONE!!! I do have dogs, but its over my parents house. Dogs are really a good companion. Can accompany me while I’m alone at home also ma. I do admit that keeping a dog ain’t an easy task. Somehow the conversation continued again yesterday. It just came across my mind again. So, I asked Alex again over the phone. The conversation went this way……..

Mel : *Long;  can I keep a small dog at home when we have our own house? puhhless…

Alex : Huh…what happen if we would to go for holidays, then who’s going to take care of the dog??

Mel : We can put it to DOGS HOTEL. I’m sure KL would have alot!

Alex : Ohhh….okie then. But please don’t allow it to sleep with us in the room ok.

Mel : Harr….. but I can buy a nice little bed for the dog and place it in our room ma….

Alex : Then you sleep with the dog larr….

Mel : Huh..*jahatnya* !!!  *DENG* %#X!@  (but I know he is joking de larr…..ngek ngek)

Never mind…I pick my dogs first har….*Long* tengok sini yea….ini lar jejenis anjing anjing yang ku inginkan…hehehe.... 😉

long-haired chihuahuamore

(more about chihuahua)


(more about pug)


(more about maltese)


(more about pomeranian)

*Note: All dogs above are small breed dogs. For more dogs, you may pay a visit here:

3 thoughts on “Can I keep one puhhless….”

  1. Will you be staying in a landed property or a condo? It would make a great difference. Do some more reserach first before getting one. Pugs are great for condo stay :)..just that I tak boleh tahan tengok pug :P…so evil la me..hehe.

    Maltese not bad but most pomeranian are noisy dogs..almost the same for chihuahua. Do lots of research first 🙂

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