SNACK ’em All

From June onwards Big Apple Donuts & Coffee has launched their brand new version of donuts, named Donashi. It consists of 28 different types of flavors.

This brand new version of donuts really look like ‘sushi’. With the purchase of 28 pieces in a box; it comes with a small container of chocolate dipping sauce. Its sold in 2 types of packaging; 18 pieces for the price of RM20 and 28 pieces for the price of RM25. Now, you do the calculation. :-p

In my honest opinion, I would say this is something new and special indeed!

my box of 28 pieces. Its so colorful, ain’t it.

closer view

dip on the chocolate sauce

saw the chocolate sauce??

deng deng deng deng…

Besides trying the donuts; I also tried the new Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino from Starbucks Coffee. Its a new flavor. Despite having coffee most of the time, this is a good choice too! With the additional of chocolate chips; it tasted much more nicer. Just like having chocolate strawberry ice cream.

cinnamon roll = RM4.80 (taste=not nice,very dry), chicken sausage roll = RM4.80 (taste = acceptable), Venti size frappuccino = RM16 (add chocolate chips, additional RM2).

the yummy Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino

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