Chicken Rice

I’m not a good chef. I hardly cook. Because I have a good chef at home. She cooks good food. She likes to try different types of food when she has spare time. Who will that be if its not my mom…hehe… Therefore I decided to share out some of her food here. I will briefly describe them here.

Today’s post will be on chicken rice

To cook the rice; all you need to do is prepare the ingredients below.

Washed the rice, add in chicken stock soup instead of plain water, then add in the fried minced shallot and garlic, add in 1 small cube of butter(approximate 1cm sq.) and finally add in the ‘pandan leaves’ for extra fragrant. Steam the rice.

clockwise; chicken stock soup, fried shallot & garlic, washed rice

For chicken; steam the chicken for about 15 minutes (for chicken sized about 2kg). Prepare the soya sauce for the chicken. Mixture of oyster sauce, soya sauce, thick soya sauce, dash of pepper, a lil bit of chicken stock, a lil bit of sugar & a lil bit of fried shallot oil.

arrange it well on a plate

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