The Package Has Arrived

Ngek Ngek Ngek….AGAIN>>>> I shopped online again.Yeap…from the same retailer….you may type Chellepie Fashion-Gallery on your Facebook search box. This round I bought 3 items. 1 casual/OL dress, 1 high-waist denim shorts & 1 wide high-waist belt. I’m very satisfied with this batch of clothes too. Nevertheless; this batch ain’t the promo ones. I’m not sure whether the price consider money-worth-buying or not. But 1 thing I must admit that the designs are nice and some are unique lor…Why not you help me judge it… Yaya…again from the self-portraits here lor…what else… hehehe… :-p

the well packed package

dress, belt & shorts

the dress

the high waist shorts

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