So Near Yet So Far

Meeting up the ‘old frens’ of mine on Tuesday nite. They are my high school frens. It has been years we have not meet up officially as in gathering. Normally just the ‘hi & bye’ style only whenever bump on each other in the malls.

This round was planned by Sin Wei & myself. We decided to hang around at Sin Wei’s house.

At around 7.30; I drove to Sin Wei’s house. I was the 1st person to arrive. Sin Wei brought me tour around her house. Ohh yeah…Sin Wei’s house is so cozy & nice!! Well furnished and comfy.

Envy betul 😛

ps:- “Sin Wei; I like you karaoke set very much ler”….(If I would to have one, that would be GREAT! Then I can visit REDBOX less often.kekeke…)

While waiting for the other 2 ladies; me tak habis-habis taking photos of her house’s deco. kekeke… don’t mind rite, Sin Wei. 😛

By 8pm; Pei Ling & Pei Wen joined in with their lovely child (Issac & Kai Xin). Tak sangka all the 4 of us live so near to each other…but we hardly meet. Perhaps; we should continue this gathering more often rite?? Sin Wei is so kind to pack us dinner. So, we started our dinner after Pei Ling & Pei Wen arrived. We had fried rice, ‘wat tan hor’, fried bee hoon, stir-fry ‘choi tarm’, marmite chicken & fried sotong. wah…quite alot though. Ohh yea…not forgotten the last one, dessert from her too…longan+peach slice drink.

Sin Wei's scented candle

salt & pepper shaker

a beautiful figurine of Andy & Sin Wei

Andy's Collection

Here are some photos of Issac & Kai Xin

mummy & daughter

mummy & son

from left: Pei Ling, Sin Wei, Pei Wen & myself.

check out both the kids… cute!

from left: Sin Wei, Pei Wen, Pei Ling, myself

I had a great time with them. So does the kids. Especially little Issac. 🙂


Chatted , photo taking till around 11+ before each of us dismissed.

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