Loving DON

Sushi King is having Donburi Promotion from 1-31 July 2010.

It comes with few choices. Since I’m dining over there; so why not have a try then.

The loving donburi set comes in a combination of rice & noodles. With the choices of Tori Mitso Katsu Don Set, Salmon Don Set and Sappari Don Set. (served in 140g rice)

While the mini don choices are Tori Mini Don, Tori Miso Katsu Mini Don and Saba Piri Piri Mini Don. (served in 60g rice)

You may view the choice from the advertorial photos here.

Donburi Set

photo courtesy of sushi king

Donburi Mini Set

Here are the real photos of it:-

Tori Miso Katsu Mini Don.(worth for the price)

Tori Mitso Katsu Don Set (nice set! the chicken meat especially!!)

SHISHAMO (Alex’s favorite)

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