A & W in town

It was last day for month of July 2010. A&W was in town. Where? Seremban town lor. For what?? To find Mel…. (still guessing what is A&W ar?)

A&W = Ashley & Wanyi lor…… 😉

Yeap…both of them took KTM to Seremban. They arrived at about 1.30pm. I’ve planned the 1 Day iternary for them…but subject to changes of cause.

Since they have not taken their lunch, I brought them to this ‘YI POH LOU SHU FUN’ —->  Siew Pau —-> Cendol & Rojak —-> Seremban Siew Hai(Crabs). We had all of these in ordered. Began from lunch to tea break & finally dinner. After the lunch and siew pau, I brought them to Lake Garden for ‘gals photo-shoot 😀

It was a sunny day. We were sweating all over….Eewww…sweaty sweaty..

But we had fun though. And the outcome of the photos were not bad too(self praising…beh paiseh). Because of the good lighting & nice background!!

the 1st model – Ashley

the 2nd model – Wanyi

A & W – Ashley & Wanyi

jump jump jump….retake so many times :-p

I like this shot very much. Thanks to Wanyi

cute ma??

This is my best shot I suppose. Like it very much….

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