steamboat gathering

Ever since the first gathering at Sin Wei’s house, all of us were looking forward for another gathering. Because all of them had fun & enjoyed the moment.

This round; Sin Wei & myself planned it and got agreement from the rest of them. Since; Sin Wei will be going for a holiday soon, therefore we decided to fix the date before it. All of us agreed to have steamboat. Where?? Where else if its not Sin Wei’s house wor…Her house will be ‘jui kai yan suen’ lor…

Both Sin Wei & hubby are so nice to prepare & buy the ingredients…(but I also got help buy abit lar…hehe) Ohh..yea..important thing is that Sin Wei boiled the soup with anchovies is so tasty wey!!! (no idea how many hours she boiled it). All of us enjoyed the meal again. Sin Wei even told me to dapao the soup home. Because there were still alot in the pot.

the well arranged food for the steamboat.

a must have chili for dipping – MADE BY SIN WEI’S MOM

dumped in part of the ingredient to allow it to boil

a nice set of fork?? erm..what do you name this??

yea…dessert time!!

A plate of fruits. (sweet Mango & Kiwi)

the crystal clear koniaku jelly. made by Sin Wei

yea….a group photo before we dismissed.

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