Second Round @ Tim Pan Gor Gor (甜品哥哥)

We guys just can’t stop talking craps! Done with our dinner (previous post). It was about 10pm. Just can’t get enough of it. Probably because everyone missing each other too much! As said; *THE MOON IS STILL YOUNG* gagagagaga….


We decided for to go for a second round. Supper perhaps. Since my car is big enough; so I ferried everyone at once(of cause the driver is Alex lah…).  Initially we thought of going to Snowflakes Dessert located at SS15; to our surprise it was so crowded. Therefore we switched to Asia Cafe. Dropped the idea very soon. As it was too warm! Mcdonald’s perhaps? Went across the road and spotted Tim Pan Gor Gor (甜品哥哥). Ahhh…finally we decided a place!


The colorful & attractive menu. Difficult to make a decision.


Sweet Potato Almond Sweet Soup – Tasty soup with rich almond taste


Water Chestnut Sweet Soup with Sago – It look more like pumpkin soup. Contains minced water chestnut.


Ginger Soup with Sesame & Peanut Rice Balls – Its ‘tong yuan’ with 2 black sesame & peanuts filling. The soup has strong ginger taste. Nice one!!


Mango Hor Fun – Its their signature item. I would say this is rather unique. The ‘Hor Fun’ made of coconut (coconut jelly strips) with big portion of Mango. Taste GOOD!


Kiwi Fruit Ice – Lotsa kiwi fruit with blended ice


Mango Ice – Rich blended mango fruit and mango chunks with blended ice


Melon Juice – Ermm….this drink don’t really taste nice



Tim Pan Gor Gor

57, Jalan SS15/8A,

Subang Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan.


Tel : 03-5632 3204

Business Hour : 12pm – 12am




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