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Lets try some Fuzhou Cuisine @Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine, Subang Jaya

In Malaysia; Fuzhou dialect is widely spoken, especially in Sibu, Miri, Sarikei, Bintulu, Yong Peng, Sitiawan and Ayer Tawar. How do I expose to Fuzhou dialect?  My husband is a Sarikeian cum Fuzhounese. Can I speak in their dialect? Well…I tried learning…by hearing their… Continue Reading “Lets try some Fuzhou Cuisine @Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine, Subang Jaya”

Wednesday is Pink Day @Baskin Robbins

Jom come in PINK and get special offer at Baskin Robbins Ice Cream. 😉 It was on Wednesday, when we decided to eat out…(we had Subway sandwich for dinner ^^)…Then I got this sudden urge of eating ice cream. I also remember the PINK… Continue Reading “Wednesday is Pink Day @Baskin Robbins”

Dinner @Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw, SS15 Subang Jaya

With saving up to 52%, I get to enjoy Single Beef Baconizer and Single Chicken Turkeynizer for just RM5! What a steal. Thanks to the discounted deal on Living Social. I’ve heard about people giving positive reviews on their burger. Therefore this is a… Continue Reading “Dinner @Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw, SS15 Subang Jaya”

Dinner @ F4 Fish Head Restaurant, USJ

When come to choose Big Fry (Tai Chow) near my staying place… Alex often suggest F4 Fish Head Restaurant, USJ. Came here several times with our family members. I would say the location of this restaurant is quite hidden. Somewhere in between the industrial… Continue Reading “Dinner @ F4 Fish Head Restaurant, USJ”

Dinner @The Carpenter’s Daughter~Artisan Bakery & Cafe~ Taipan USJ

Know about this place when Sean of Eat Drink KL wrote a review on it. But until today only I got the chance to ajak my friends to dinner together there. The name of this place doesn’t make me think its an eatery. The… Continue Reading “Dinner @The Carpenter’s Daughter~Artisan Bakery & Cafe~ Taipan USJ”

Dinner @ Sukiya, USJ Taipan

Yesterday, I saw VKeong of Malaysia Food & Travel posted a photo with a caption “Sukiya has landed in Malaysia.. this fast food concept restaurant serves pretty good Gyudon”. It grabbed my attention when I read the location is at USJ, Taipan. Coincidentally, Alex… Continue Reading “Dinner @ Sukiya, USJ Taipan”

Cendol & Rojak Stall @Putra Heights

Been living here at Putra Heights for almost a year. But wasn’t aware there’s a cendol stall in front of Onking electrical shop. A row of shops facing the main road. I passes by this road almost everyday! Probably because its closed when I… Continue Reading “Cendol & Rojak Stall @Putra Heights”

Dinner @ Pormtip Thai Restaurant, USJ City Mall

It was a rainy evening. Then Alex and I decided to have Thai food for our dinner. Hot and spicy food on rainy day sangat best! ^_^ Pormtip Thai Restaurant is located at ground floor of USJ City Mall…a not so successful mall, I… Continue Reading “Dinner @ Pormtip Thai Restaurant, USJ City Mall”

Dinner @ South Sea Seafood Restaurant ,Kampung Baru Subang

On one fine Sunday, Alex and I decided to make arrangements with Alan and Yau for dinner. So I told Alex to discuss with Alan on the venue. My goodness…this 2 guys can really drag! So ‘po mah’… For 1 whole afternoon, still not… Continue Reading “Dinner @ South Sea Seafood Restaurant ,Kampung Baru Subang”

Yummy Spaghetti @ The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery

Spaghetti / Sandwich + Ice Cream + Drinks at The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery for 2 (RM29) Yea..I redeemed another deal from Groupon. I almost forgot that I have not redeem this coupon, which was about to expire. hehe….Therefore, I was kinda last… Continue Reading “Yummy Spaghetti @ The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery”