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Lets try some Fuzhou Cuisine @Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine, Subang Jaya

In Malaysia; Fuzhou dialect is widely spoken, especially in Sibu, Miri, Sarikei, Bintulu, Yong Peng, Sitiawan and Ayer Tawar. How do I expose to Fuzhou dialect?  My husband is a Sarikeian cum Fuzhounese. Can I speak in their dialect? Well…I tried learning…by hearing their conversation. I can speak a little..perhaps those simple ones lar… I can understand a little…but don’t speak too fast okay :-p Alex’s friends commented that Fuzhou language is like an alien speaking language. LOL!!

Other than speaking, of course their food is different too. I do like their food actually. No complains. However its quite difficult for us to find Fuzhou cuisine here in KL when there aren’t much Fuzhounese. Unless I cook at home. But sometimes, we can’t get the exact ingredients here. For instance, ‘red rice wine’. Fuzhou Red Rice Wine Mee Suah is my favorite and comfort dish!

I was quite excited to know about this new place, near to where we are staying…..serving authentic Fuzhou cuisine. Not from Sarawak, but Setiawan.

Photo by Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine

Newly opened on July 14 2013. Its located opposite to One City Mall. One City Mall is yet to open…only some shops opposite the mall are occupied now. Never expect a quite area here draws a number of customers too.

Part of the menu.

Types of noodles served here.

We started our meal with Kompiah as appetizer. Thin and crispy dough topped with sesame and filled with minced pork. It was served hot. Therefore it was quite good. You can eat it on its own or by dipping in the Kampung Koh Chili Sauce. Yea…Kampung Koh Chili Sauce is also a production of Setiawan.

You can browse here to see how kompiah is prepared → Kompiang and Mou Mou from Sitiawan, Perak

Here comes the signature dish and also my comfort dish.

Koufu Red Wine Noodle – RM10.90

Using mee suah as the noodle. The mee suah is very thin and smooth. Tasty red rice wine soup with pieces of chicken and 1/2 no. of hard boiled egg. The Fuzhounese would usually serve this during celebrations like birthday and Chinese New Year. Anyway….MIL’s mee suah is still the best. hehe….

Currently they are having a Grand Opening Promo. Buy 1 Free 1 Koufu Red Wine Noodle till 31st of July 2013….which is a good deal!

Fried Meat Dried Noodle – RM7.90.

For this konlou noodle (mee kicap), the noodle tasted fresh while the texture is chewy too. Topped with slices of fried pork, fried shallots and spring onions. I like the fried meat. It was tasty and juicy. However I felt that the noodle portion is abit small. hehe….

We ended our meal with this bowl of icy cold,

Koufu Tang Shui – RM4.90 (Small). Though we ordered the small one but the portion can shared among 2 person also. Unless you are very thirsty, then cannot lar…LOL! Contains 10 ingredients in this bowl of dessert. It was refreshing and not overly sweet. The taste sort of reminds me of ‘Lin Chee Kang’.

1000042_478914292190020_1067468957_nSo, if you miss Fuzhou cuisine too… do drop by Koufu Trendy Chinese Cuisine to give it a try. Overall I’m quite satisfied with the taste of the food I had there.

Remark: This restaurant has closed down. Thank you.

Wednesday is Pink Day @Baskin Robbins

Jom come in PINK and get special offer at Baskin Robbins Ice Cream. 😉

It was on Wednesday, when we decided to eat out…(we had Subway sandwich for dinner ^^)…Then I got this sudden urge of eating ice cream. I also remember the PINK Day campaign! So, I asked Alex whether can we go for Baskin Robbins ice cream later? Alex said wokay….yay!

They’ve now come out with new offer for Wednesday.


The PINK Day offer. Why Pink? Because that’s Baskin Robbins color! 😉

baskin robinShow them anything in pink and you’ll be entitle to the pink day offer. I was kiasu…so, I have my pink skirt, pink handbag…and not forgetting my pink wallet too. LOL!

2013-03-27 22.00.51

Assorted flavors….I better make my quick decision. Because there were quite a number of customers.

2013-03-27 21.59.14

I was quite annoyed with this family in front of me. They took so long to place their orders. Simply because they were busy sampling most of the flavors before deciding which to choose. Hello….I know you can sample the ice cream lar…but please be considerate abit also…there are many people queuing behind one leh… *duhhh

2013-03-27 22.11.32

Happy 8 is new on their pink day offer. You can choose either waffle cone or waffle bowl. You can have 8 mini scoops of ice cream from different flavors. 4 flavors (Jamoca Almond Fudge, World Class Chocolate, Very Berry Strawberry) are already fixed by them…so, actually you’ll only get to choose another 4 flavors of your choice.

Each scoop is quite small…about 3-4cm in diameter. But you can try many flavors in a cup lor…Moreover the waffle is fresh and crunchy oso.

I wanted to add caramel sauce topping…..I asked the staff how much should I top up? She said add RM2.80..I thought its kinda expensive. So, forget it la..

2013-03-27 22.11.58

Very Berry Strawberry has bits of strawberry…very nice.

But I’m in love with Peanut Butter Chocolate, because I’m a fan of both peanut butter and chocolate. 😉

2013-03-27 22.24.52

I wanna ask Alex…whether can we come again next week…hehe…

Dinner @Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw, SS15 Subang Jaya

With saving up to 52%, I get to enjoy Single Beef Baconizer and Single Chicken Turkeynizer for just RM5! What a steal. Thanks to the discounted deal on Living Social. I’ve heard about people giving positive reviews on their burger. Therefore this is a good chance to join in the  burger craze. Currently there are 7 outlets in Klang Valley.

Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw founded in April 2011 by two young Malaysian entrepreneurs, Mohd Faizul Baharudin and Nini Haznita Muhammad.


The main branch is located at Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju. At SS15, it is the only Diner Restaurant. While the other 6 outlets are just burger stall or street kiosk.


Just like other fast food joints…self service. But this is slightly different. You place and pay your order. Get your number, as printed on the receipt and wait for your number to be call. Although there were many customers, but we did not wait too long for our food to be ready. Ermm….if I’m not mistaken, it was not more than 15minutes. Its an open can probably watch how they prepare the burgers. Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw claimed making homemade patty by themselves and not the frozen patty sold in the supermarkets. So, I assumed the freshness is there.


Add on soft drinks


And also fries with cheesy cream + mayonnaise.


Alex had Single Beef Baconizer. Alex said the beef patty was good.


I had Single Chicken Turkeynizer. I like my burger. Thick, crispy and succulent fried chicken fillet with turkey slice, lettuce, a slice of cheese and dressing. Ohh ya, the bread was not dry too.

20130310_202021I felt the burger here are quite good. Judging the portion, I would say the price is not expensive. A single patty is more than enough for me. Really full after eating together with the fries and a drink.


Eat burger is more shiok to hold with both of your hands right. But how to handle big stack burger? I don’t want to open my mouth as huge as an alligator or getting messy. Do share your way of eating burger 😉

Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw

SS15, Subang Jaya
47-G, SS15/8A, Subang Jaya, Subang, Selangor, 47500
013-356 8430 / 012-627 6547

Operation Hours :- Monday – Sunday: 6.30pm to 2.00am

Dinner @ F4 Fish Head Restaurant, USJ

When come to choose Big Fry (Tai Chow) near my staying place… Alex often suggest F4 Fish Head Restaurant, USJ. Came here several times with our family members. I would say the location of this restaurant is quite hidden. Somewhere in between the industrial area. The restaurant is quite spacious and draw alot of crowd during peak hours. (ie: dinner).

The other day, Alex’s brothers and cousin were in KL. So, we decided to come here for dinner.

I have no idea why isit named F4. I only know the Taiwanese F4 group singer which has expired 😀

photo by ""
photo by “”

Although its not air conditioned, with the numbers of hanging fans…you won’t feel warm also lar…


We wanted a tofu dish…and this was recommended by the staff who took our order. Claimed as Volcano Tofu. Unfortunately I did not see any volcano eruption. LOL! Firm tofu blocks..but its not hard. But I felt its just an average dish.

20130313_211137Pork Belly with Salted Fish.

Not much of fats…which is a good thing! haha….I would prefer if they added more salted fish. The taste of salted fish was quite mild.

20130313_211200Ku Lou Yuk (Sweet & Sour Pork).

This was good! The deep fried pork were crispy and its not dry. Poured over sweet & sour sauce with condiments like tomato, bell pepper and onions.

20130313_211628A meal will not complete without vege. Therefore we ordered a plate of Stir-fry Choy Tarm with Garlic.

20130313_211721Come here of course must order fish. This was the highlight of the night. Steamed Assam Tilapia! I hardly see the fish. Because it was soaking with tasty and rich assam gravy. It is spicy and sourish with some long beans, cabbage and lady’s finger. Really appetizing to eat with rice. While the talapia was fresh too.

Other dishes may not be all good, but I must say that I am quite satisfied with their fish dish on my visits. Another type of steamed fish that I felt good is “Yin Yang Tilapia”. The fish is steamed. They made them into 2 different types of flavor. 1/2 is topped with garlic and generous amount of ginger sauce. And the other 1/2 side is poured with tauchu sauce. Our total damage for the above meal was RM107 with total 6 eaters. Yay or Nay?

IMG_20130310_224300A random photo of the day. Sweet Pink Gerberas to cheer you up. Because today is Monday again…..

F4 Fish Head Restaurant

Lot 776, Sub Lot 3
Jalan Subang 4, Subang Jaya Industries Park
47500, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +60123153891

Operation Hours
11.30AM – 3.00PM / 5.30PM – 10.00PM

Dinner @The Carpenter’s Daughter~Artisan Bakery & Cafe~ Taipan USJ

Know about this place when Sean of Eat Drink KL wrote a review on it.

But until today only I got the chance to ajak my friends to dinner together there.

The name of this place doesn’t make me think its an eatery. The other day when I mentioned about this place to another friend who works nearby…she initially thought its a workshop or anything to do with carpentery works. Perhaps an ID centre. LOL!!

The Carpenter’s Daughter~Artisan Bakery & Cafe not just selling bakery (breads & cakes). They also served Western & Asian food.

The Carpenter’s Daughter~Artisan Bakery & Cafe was first established as a home-based baking in 2008. Then started its operation on August 2011. True enough that the owner is indeed a carpenter’s daughter. While their bread claimed as using 100% certified organic whole wheat and unbleached flour and other natural ingredients without preservatives. That’s very healthy!

List of Bread in at The Carpenter’s Daughter.

photo by The Carpenter’s Daughter

An overview of the bakery cum cafe. I read somewhere…mentioning that the carpentry works here were done by the owner’s(Jin) father. WOW impressive!!

photo by The Carpenter’s Daughter

The cosy room.


There were total 4 of us. So we were recommended to take the “Family Set”. Its for 4 person. Only available from 6 – 8.45pm.

Family Set comes with:-

  • 9″ Pizza (selected choice. Seafood is not allowed)
  • 4 bowls of soup.
  • 2 nos. Pastas
  • Potato Lover
  • 4 glass of drinks.


I like their Minestrone. It has rich tomato flavors…together with some other vege. I find it really appetizing!

20130218_205058The Mushroom Soup is full of mushroom goodness.


Carbonara Al Funghi, creamy spaghetti cooked together with 3 types of mushrooms.


Bolognese Chicken has generous amount of meat and sauce.


Homemade Pizza was delicious. *sorry I can’t recall the name”


The dough is not hard and not too thick. Look at the cheesy topping covering the pizza’s ingredients.


For Potato Lover, we chose Mashed Potato. The mashed potato is very smooth. While the gravy tasted good with the mashed potato. Often eaten outside usually quite salty and has alot of MSG taste. You won’t feel that on their mashed potato.


My friend commented that their Lemon Meringue is good. May be I should drop by someday to dapao it. Before leaving..I bought some buns for my breakfast.

Looking for some healthy may drop by The Carpenter’s Daughter Artisan Bakery Cafe. The food here aren’t too salty, yet filled with rich flavors. Bear in mind..if you come here on weekdays, the kitchen closed at 8.45pm. So come before that time.

The Carpenter's Daughter Artisan Bakery Cafe 
 46G Jalan USJ 10/1E
 47620 UEP Subang Jaya
 Operation Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 9:30 pm
Sat - Sun: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
Contact Number: 603-8081 1218

Dinner @ Sukiya, USJ Taipan

Yesterday, I saw VKeong of Malaysia Food & Travel posted a photo with a caption “Sukiya has landed in Malaysia.. this fast food concept restaurant serves pretty good Gyudon”. It grabbed my attention when I read the location is at USJ, Taipan. Coincidentally, Alex and I planned to have dinner at USJ but have not decided what to eat. I guess the photo appears at the right time. Therefore we were there for our dinner last night.

Sukiya is Japan’s Number 1 Restaurant Chain Stores. And now its available in Malaysia! Furthermore Sukiya is a Fast Food concept restaurant. I can’t deny that I am a newbie in Japanese fast food! Hehe…..

Sukiya, the 1st branch opened in USJ. Located next to True Fitness is easily sighted because of the bright lighting and facing the main road.

I would say its a very spacious and cosy fast food restaurant.

Japanese plastic food samples were displayed here as you enter the premises.

The 1 page menu is simple and easy to read.

Fast food means everything is self service lar, right?

Want extra flavors? Add sauce lar… on desk; light soya sauce, pickled ginger, ketchup, blended green chili, mayonnaise, Kewpie’s roasted sesame Japanese dressing.

Alex ordered Gyudon (Medium) – RM9.90. Gyūdon, literally beef bowl, is a Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored with dashi (fish and seaweed stock), soy sauce and mirin (sweet rice wine).

The beef slices are so thin and it tasted not bad.

While I chose Teriyaki Chicken Rice (Medium) – RM7.90

The teriyaki chicken meat portion is quite big. At least the ratio between rice is quite proportion also lar.. I added some blended green chili and I like it! Ima chili person ma…*hot and spicy*! 😀

Add RM3 for pickled vegetables and a bowl of miso soup.

Or add RM3 for pickled vegetables and a cup of drink. I chose Iced Lemon Tea. I also added some Kewpie’s roasted sesame Japanese dressing to my pickled vege….which I think it matches well too! 😉

Verdict : Something new to me. Not bad and worth trying. Gonna return to try maybe the curry rice? ^^

NO. 6 & 7, JALAN USJ 10/1H,
Phone: 03-8081-3465
Business Hour : 7:00 am - 11:00 pm

Cendol & Rojak Stall @Putra Heights

Been living here at Putra Heights for almost a year. But wasn’t aware there’s a cendol stall in front of Onking electrical shop. A row of shops facing the main road. I passes by this road almost everyday! Probably because its closed when I reaches home around 7pm.

Till one day, Alex told me there’s a cendol stall or precisely a mobile stall because operated with a lorry. The other day, Alex ajak me to menjamu selera at this cendol stall. The lorry its parked by the road shoulder with ample space for them to place the tables and chairs. Eat cendol under the sun and trees not bad oso lor…..

Located in front of Onking Electrical shop. The place is quite shady. Thanks to the big trees.

A bowl of cendol at price of RM1.60 (size of a rice bowl).

I believed cendol is one of the best local dessert which also suits Malaysia’s weather.

This cendol has uses the right level of gula melaka which suits my liking. A not bad ratio between gula melaka and coconut milk. However I feel that the condiments (sweet corn, red beans and green-worm like jelly) is quite little. Not sure whether they have ‘pulut’ (glutinous rice)..if yes, you can ask to ‘tambah’ (add-on).

I saw people ordering rojak! Other than rojak they do serve mee goreng mamak, sup lembu, sup ayam. The ‘tam jiak’ me couldn’t be just satisfied with just cendol. So, I ordered a plate of rojak to share with Alex. Too bad I got a dinner to attend that evening. Else I will order the mee goreng mamak too! HAHAHA! A plate of rojak for RM3.80.

Mix together the julienne cucumber and turnips(sengkuang), fried beancurd and keropok with the sweet and not so spicy peanut sauce. It comes with 1 whole hard boiled egg. They gave generous pieces of crispy keropok…very niceee! *crunch crunch*

Overall Rating : 7/10

Location : Jalan Mahkota 7/6C, Putra Heights, 47650 Subang Jaya Selangor.D.E

Dinner @ Pormtip Thai Restaurant, USJ City Mall

It was a rainy evening.

Then Alex and I decided to have Thai food for our dinner. Hot and spicy food on rainy day sangat best! ^_^

Pormtip Thai Restaurant is located at ground floor of USJ City Mall…a not so successful mall, I thought. Rather a quite mall and not many tenants. *sigh*

Our first dining experience at Pormtip Thai Restaurant was not bad. Actually we were quite surprise that the Thai food is not bad. So, we decided to re-visit.

quite modern feel…

We did not order tom yam..feel kinda common. Instead we ordered Kaeng Som – RM22. We chose a Talapia.  Kaeng Som is another alternative to Tom Yam. It is equally as good as tom yam.

Kaeng Som is Thai assam pedas with kangkung, carrots, long beans and cauliflower. Its very savory! You can choose either steam or fried fish. We chose steam.

The fish is very fresh and meaty. While the gravy/ soup is hot, spicy and sourish..really appetizing.

Other than Kaeng Som, we’ve also tried before the Lemon Steam Thai Style..which is good too!

Stir Fry Pucuk Paku (Fern) with Belacan – RM8.80

Pucuk Paku fried with belacan and some bits of dried shrimp (udang kering)

Crispy Tofu – RM8.80

An ordinary tofu dish…

After eating all the hot stuff…get a Thai Coconut for RM5.50 to cool ourselves.

A good place for Thai food lovers…and people who are staying nearby. (knowing the jam in area especially the construction of MRT is in progress)

Food : 8/10

Price : 8/10

Pormtip Thai Restaurant

Lot G-03, Ground Floor,
The 19 USJ City Mall,
Persiaran Kewajipan,
47620 Subang Jaya,

Dinner @ South Sea Seafood Restaurant ,Kampung Baru Subang

On one fine Sunday, Alex and I decided to make arrangements with Alan and Yau for dinner. So I told Alex to discuss with Alan on the venue. My goodness…this 2 guys can really drag! So ‘po mah’… For 1 whole afternoon, still not decided yet. *pengsan*

Luckily Yau gave a suggestion and there goes our yummy seafood dinner at South Sea Seafood Restaurant ,Kampung Baru Subang. However she did warn us that its a lil pricey to dine here. No doubt the food is good la…

South Sea Seafood Restaurant is located near the Subang airport (can watch aeroplane while eating crabs). Moreover the food here is Halal. It would be good for the Muslim diners to enjoy nice Chinese Seafood with the Halal sign ya.

South Sea Seafood Restaurant started its business since year 1989 with just a simple building. Besides that, we did not face any parking problem here. There’s an open air car park space just across the rood, opposite of South Sea. Parking is free.

It was quite crowded. But we still manage to get a table for 4. The environment here is not bad. And its clean too!

Yeahhh…a trip to Aquaria!! hehehe….You can see there are many fresh seafood in those tanks.

Types of crabs and lobsters.

Anybody fancy the Geoduck? But they are quite expensive T_T

These Razor Clams are so fat!! Well…I think I still prefer the moderate size.

So, this is the famous ‘Empurau’ – RM70/kg! Have you tried it? How it taste like? Is it really nice?

Alan recommended this Barbecue Squid – RM18.00. Crunchy and tasty squid. Love the tentacles.

I then ordered a ‘Xiong Tong Lala’ – RM28. The lala is not big. But they are plump and juicy. Nevertheless I love the soup very much. Finished till the last drop. haha…The soup was flavorful and abit spicy (red cili padi and ginger).

Garlic & Pepper Mantis Prawn – RM28

Crispy batter mantis prawn flesh.

A vege dish to balance our diet. We chose Yin Yong Kailan – RM16. The leaves were deep fried till crisp. While the stem were stir fry.

Presenting you, star of the night! Deng Deng Deng Deng…….. Butter Crab – RM47/ piece. The gravy is best to consume when it hot. Woot Woot. This plate of crab was finger licking good!! The not too big crab was fresh and the flesh is sweet and firm.

I like eating crabs. Any cooking style will be fine for me. Guess as long as the crabs are matter how you cook them it definitely taste good too. I usually eat the ‘kaki’ first then only I’ll go for the claw. Save the best to the last ma….

These fried buns are ideal for dipping into the crab’s gravy. 6 piece of bun is price at RM4.20.

We enjoyed our dinner here. Thank Yau for recommending this place. Would love to return for more food! 🙂

South Sea Seafood Restaurant
No 229, Jalan 2A,
Kampung Baru Subang,
40000 Subang, Selangor

GPS: 3.140688,101.54691
Tel: 03-7846 1401

Yummy Spaghetti @ The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery

Spaghetti / Sandwich + Ice Cream + Drinks at The Vanilla Place, Empire Shopping Gallery for 2 (RM29)

Yea..I redeemed another deal from Groupon.

I almost forgot that I have not redeem this coupon, which was about to expire. hehe….Therefore, I was kinda last minute lor. It was so difficult for me to make a reservation even it is for just 2 person. (weekday also full, dinner also full, lunch full jugak..) Finally manage to get a vacant slot for us on the last day of redemption. *Phew…

photo by The Vanilla Place

This is the section for Groupon users. I sat where you can see the guy in red is. (I can peek at what’s cooking at the stove which is just next to me). I saw their spaghetti comes in individual packs. ^^

We were able to choose either sandwich or spaghetti. So, Alex and I chose spaghetti. The menu is quite simple. But the choice of spaghetti is quite many too.

Alex chose Spaghetti Carbonara. Nicely cooked spaghetti with creamy sauce topped with slices of mushrooms and turkey.

I chose Spaghetti Seafood Pesto. I have no complain on my spaghetti. Love the flavorful sauce that they use to cook it. Moreover the seafood is quite fresh too! Yuummmm….(highly recommended!)

For drinks, we were served wit Ice Lemon Tea. Then after meal, each of us got a scope of vanilla ice cream. My friend said  their salad is good. But I hardly order salad outside ^_^

Anyway there’s still some unfilled space in my stomach that I wish to eat cake. 😀

Then, I head over to Whisk. Whisk is popular for its coffee and also cakes.

Photo by Whisk

A Classic Look  cafe!

It was at night, so I dare not try coffee. Because if I would to take coffee at night..then for sure I will stay up and wide awake like ‘owl’!  hahaha….

Though there wasn’t much choice of cakes left…but I would love to try their Red Velvet cake.

Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting for RM11.90/ slice. The cake texture is quite moist with a lil crumbles. But its problem. Not over-sweetened but I would prefer if it has thicker layer of  cream cheese frosting.  (Rating 7/10)

The Vanilla Place
FK01, 1st Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery,
Selangor, Malaysia
Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop
Empire Shopping Gallery Subang
LG 03A (near Jaya Grocer)