Ahhhh…..Finally my first ever pair of CROCS!! Which I’ve been longing quite some time. I couldn’t recall how many times I’ve been walking IN & OUT from the CROCS outlet. From time to time I will walk in, to check out their latest model. However walking out with an empty handed.


This time was different; there was an urge. I was so excited when I saw there was an adult version of HELLO KITTY. Then I tried it on. After trying it……there’s a feel like “YAYA….this is the one! I must get it!”. Finally I made my purchase.


Priced at RM139


Comes in ‘black’ & ‘white’ color.


Take a look at the kitties…..



Crocs launches the fundraising campaign for Malaysian Cats Care Project (MCCP) from now till Dec 31, 2010, donate RM5 at any Crocs store and get *A FREE Jibbitz!



In conjunction of HELLO KITTY; donated RM10 to help the kitties and entitled for this 2 studs.

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