Stay Fit, Stay Healthy with NESTLE FITNESSE

The idea of “Stay Fit, Stay Healthy with NESTLE FITNESSE” is that I know I’ve gained weight. YES! For the past 1 year, I know I’ve added some kilos to my weight. Therefore…the summary is that I wan to keep fit aka ‘kam fei’ arrr….


7 out of 10 married women will certainly agreed that they’ve gained weight after married. Why is that?? Is there any proven facts? Or its just a psychological  thoughts? But it does occurred on me wor…..

Does that mean that I’m happily married therefore I gained weight? Aduhhhh…..

Its time to buck up man!!!


Since I’m watching the Asia Biggest Loser aired on Astro Diva on every Tuesday; this “NESTLE FITNESSE” is used as their daily dietary. Its cereal made with whole grain. Moreover its the low fat whole wheat cereal.  Yea…the main keyword; “LOW FAT”. Therefore I pun bersemangat to grab a box from the supermarket shelf. (at price of RM12+ per box of 400g).


Perhaps; you can take a tour at the webbie for some workouts & FAQ:-

*click here*


For the nutritional fact; *click here*


It has 3 flavors (original, fruit & honey + almonds)


daily diet plan printed on the box.


I chose to eat with milk…so that it won’t be dry.


Okie…lets see how it goes. Hope I can cope with it for at least 3 days weekly??

Sesi percubaan 1st ok…hehehe….

4 thoughts on “Stay Fit, Stay Healthy with NESTLE FITNESSE”

  1. Add oil! Add oil! Kampateh!!! hahahaha…..
    I wan keep fit oso ler…. my double chin, very difficult to hide ler nowadays 😦

  2. Very well said. I for no reason considered I would agree with this thoughts and opinions, however I’m starting to view things from a different view. I have got to research much more on that as it would seem really exciting. One issue I don’t understand though is how almost everything is associated together.

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