Dinner @ T C Keong Restaurant

A place where you can get hommie food with an affordable price! Its a ‘tai chow’ restaurant which strongly recommended by my boss. With a tagline of “peng, leng, cheng” (cheap, nice, superb).


Did tried their food few times, but this time I brought my family for dinner there.


Its always crowded especially during lunch & dinner hour. Well, I went on Saturday night. Arrived and managed to get a vacant table and it was about 8pm. However, we waited for about 40 minutes for our ordered dishes to be served. Looks like its either that you have to be early or you don’t mind waiting. Bear in mind, do not wait with an empty stomach. Because a hungry man can be an angry man!  *Laughs*


an ordinary non air-conditioned  restaurant


Steamed Bitter Gourd & Pork Ribs with Black Beans – RM12

Erm; nothing much to shout about this dish. However the bitter gourd is well-cooked in a sense that its not too hard & good thing its that it don’t taste bitter too.


Assam Prawns & Squids (Tamarind Prawns & Squids) – RM25

A recommended dish! Especially for assam lovers. Moreover the prawns & squids are fresh and big. I love the gravy very much. Adds extra appetite if to eat with plain white rice.


Hong Siu Fish Head (deep-fried and braised in sauce) – RM26

Another recommended dish! A deep fried fish focusing only the fish head area, crispy on the outer part, yet maintained the good texture of its flesh.


Seaweed Soup – RM7

Ordered a soup dish because baby Vernice likes to have soup. Whats in the soup? As you can see other than seaweed, there are sliced carrots, fish cakes, baby corns, sliced pork, few pieces of small prawns & spring onion.


Stir-fry Vege – RM7



All of us enjoyed the meal very much!


Food : 4/5

Price : Affordable

Ambiance : 2.5/5


T C Keong Restaurant

No. 7, Ground Floor,

Jalan Seri Rahang 1, Taman Seri Rahang,

70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

(a 2-stry shops facing a field)


Tel: 012-6118286 / 012-6189960

Operating Hours : Monday to Saturday(Closed on Sunday)

11am to 2pm ; 6pm to 10pm





12 thoughts on “Dinner @ T C Keong Restaurant”

  1. Another excellent post thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Spending time with my family is something I love to do. Feel free to stop by Easy Lifestyles sometime. We would love to see you there

  2. This is what I miss in Malaysia, dinners like such with friends and families. Here in NZ things like this barely happens, unlike when I was there it was almost everyday.

  3. Next time must bring me go there ler mel mel…. everything looks so yummy leh!!! *drools* walau…… Tissue pls…… LOL

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