Dinner @The Manhattan Fish Market

The last gathering we had was on September. 1st and 2nd gathering; we held it at Sin Wei’s house. Therefore this time we changed the venue. Sin Wei & I suggested the same location. JUSCO SEREMBAN!! Hahah..since that’s the place which is near to everyone of us.


Hence, we decided to go for The Manhattan Fish Market…..

I couldn’t remember when was the last time I tried the food. I think it was 1 year ago??


This round we had an additional guest. “Pei Chee”! The last time I met her was Form 5. It was 10 years ago ler!!! Now, she is a mother of 2 kids. Yet she still look so good. I think even better than school days. We chatted mainly about both leng leng mummy “Pei Ling & Pei Chee” sharing their experiences to “Sin Wei”, the soon to be mom! Good thing must share share…So I suppose its an educational chat.  ^^


Crab Salad – New menu in conjunction of Christmas. This salad is nice. It has crab meat tossed in coleslaw with raisins top with crisp purple cabbage, corn & coriander. (RM13.90)


Shrimp My Olio – This dish look abit different from the menu. However it has strong cheese & chili flakes. The prawns are fresh too. Too bad its alil oily & salty I felt.  – RM17.90


Wrap & Roll – generous amount of fish flakes with lettuce & tomatoes wrapped with tortilla. Served with fries. A good choice if you wanted something light. – RM14.90


Grilled Salmon – I like this very much too. The thick sliced of salmon is nicely grilled. Taste good too….Served with the fat fries and some broccoli – RM29.90


Brownie with Ice Cream – RM9.90



Mud Pie – RM7.90

It looks ugly to me…Really resemble the muddy look. However the taste was good!



As usual….before and after meal also kena take some photos…Proven that we were there. Wahahaha….




Price : 3.5 / 5

Food : 4/5

Ambiance : 3.5 / 5


The Manhattan Fish Market

Jusco Seremban 2 Shopping Centre,

G41, Ground Floor, Persiaran S2 B1 Seremban 2,

70300 Seremban, N.S.

Tel : 06-601 1707

2 thoughts on “Dinner @The Manhattan Fish Market”

  1. I remember this restaurant, We always eat at the Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley Mega Mall branches. One of my favourite restaurants in Malaysia, specially the prawns with cheese sauce then they torch it in front of you before serving!

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