Tong Yuen (Rice Dumpling) @ 1+1 Kopitiam, Seremban

I was getting excited when I saw this newly hung banner at this 2-Story shop. There are serving tong yuen. Tong yuen (Rice Dumpling) is also my favorite. Or shall I say I love most of  desserts  made of glutinous rice flour. Not many eatery in Seremban serves tong yuen. Ya…I know I can easily purchase a packet of vacuum packed tong yuen from Supermarket and boil it myself. But most of the time, I’m just lazy to do it …

Therefore being lazy, I would prefer to get a ready to eat ones.

Aside from Tong Yuen, they do serve noodles, rice and tong sui.

Economy Fried Bihun + Mee – RM1.50 (without egg)

For an economy breakfast, this is not bad. Especially the sambal which is yummy.

Konlou Lou Shee Fun – RM4.00

Taste wise is good. However I would prefer if its ‘darker’ (more black soy sauce).

Hakka Mee – RM4.00

The Hakka Mee was surprisingly good lor. Noodles were tangy and minced pork were tasty!!

Rice Dumpling in Soya Bean – RM2.50(3 pcs)

These are homemade rice dumpling. Wasn’t too sure if the soy bean is homemade. Since its not too sweet…I like it!

Taa Daahh**drum rolls**….revealing the best part!! Rice Dumpling stuffed with peanuts. (My favorite ahhh!!)

1+1 Kopitiam
No.104, Jalan S2 D32,
City Centre, Seremban 2,
70300 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan.
Contact : 012-657 4424 / 017-652 2251
Business Hour : Open Daily till 2pm

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