UNIQLO, I came…..

UNIQLO has arrived in Malaysia nearly a month.

2 weeks ago…I realized that I still have some left over RM20 vouchers which will be expiring soon(validity of 1 month). I do have more of them. Unfortunately I hardly got the chance to go there…therefore many are thrown away lor…My friend, Ashley did fully utilized the vouchers. I said to her; “If I were to be in KL, I’m sure to use up all of the vouchers  I had” . She answered; “If you are in KL, I forsee you will be going there almost every day. LOL!!


Therefore; on the same weekend; I decided take a trip there and use up the vouchers before its expired.


The crowd is no longer that much as compared to the 1st week. You can now shop comfortably. Apart from that, do not get annoyed by the greets from every staff “WELCOME TO UNIQLO” at almost every corner. Because that’s the method of them serving their customers.


Denim short skirt with promo price of RM49.90. I bought it at RM29.90 discounted from RM20 voucher.


Women’s Flannel with promo price of RM79.90. I bought it at RM59.90 discounted from RM20 voucher.


Full view of the Women’s Flannel

3 thoughts on “UNIQLO, I came…..”

  1. adoih…. got a lot of bloggers out there, sure got a bunch of ppl having same title… nvm de lah… so small gas meh…. LOL…

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