Off To Sun & Sea

Yeah…a vacation that I needed so much. Nothing far as you are guessing. Just that the lazy bump is being so tired of work!! Tomorrow I’ll be off to sun and sea. Langkawi I’m heading to. Yippie!! Jumps Jumps. Pssss…this is my first time to Langkawi leh..*whispers* Don’t laugh ok…

So, there will be a closure here and blog will resume as usual on Tuesday! (sounded like a shop pulak)

simply grab a photo from my album. sorry, the sky and sea ain't blue.

I want to watch sunset

2 thoughts on “Off To Sun & Sea”

  1. Have a safe journey and enjoy your trip! 😀
    Come back I want to see you tanned! hahahahaha

  2. I am jealous as its getting cold here now in NZ. I love Langkawi, I have been there once, it was one of the Star Cruises stop over docks.

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