I’m Back!!! ~from Langkawi

Hey peeps…I’m back from my short vacation of sun and sea.

It was a trip with a group of friends. I would say its pretty easy to move about in Langkawi island. Despite I may suggest you to rent a car/ van. The price aren’t too expensive either. We had a total of 9 members in our group. Therefore we rented a van (with 12 seaters) with the price of RM360 for 4 days. You may easily rent one from the airport. Moreover the van was in good condition and quite new too. Sadly we did not cover much places of attraction due to the unplanned daily iternary. *lesson to learn*

Well; I guess having fun and enjoy the entire trip is more important right?? (trying to console myself).

Day 1

– Arrived airport by noon.

– Laman Padi

-Underwater World Langkawi (RM28/ entry for Malaysians, RM38 for non-Malaysians) – worth visiting!

– Dataran Helang (Langkawi’s trademark. Must visit)

– Dinner

– Pasar Malam(Night Market) at Kuah Town. (a lousy night market)

Day 2

– Durian Perangin Waterfall (prepare yourself with a proper shoe to climb)

– Langkawi Cable Car (MUST VISIT! prepare yourself for another climbing too).

– Pantai Cenang (for watersport. eg: Banana Boat, Parasailing, Water Scooters. You may also bargain for the best price)

– Awana Porto Malai (sight seeing & dinner)

Day 3

Pulau Payar Marine Park Snorkeling Trip (RM115/ person – 6 hours)

– Jetty Point (nothing to buy here. can skip!)

-Shop for best price chocolates at TEOW SOON HUAT Duty Free Supermarket.

– Dinner

Day 4

-Fly back to KL. Say bye bye to Langkawi.

**You may also look for other interesting places in Langkawi HERE***

20 thoughts on “I’m Back!!! ~from Langkawi”

  1. I have been to that underwater world, I agree it is a must to visit when you go to that island. And yes shopping is a must specially chocolates, and what best they are tax free

    1. Ray; yaya….my whole bag was filled with chocolates. *so happy me!!* the chocolates price are much cheaper then airports which also claimed as “DUTY FREE”.

  2. Welcome back!!! You visited quite alot of places ah…

    Mel, Msia airport de chocolate bluff people de.. Those chocolates I buy in Singapore supermarket is cheaper then buying in airport le..

  3. Pulau Payar Marine Park Snorkeling Trip (RM115/ person – 6 hours) :

    I am wondering which agent u went with. Is it good?

    1. Hi Heidi.

      Thanks for dropping by. Initially we were offered with the price of RM120/person (6 hrs). Since, there were 9 of us therefore we managed to bargain to RM115. Don’t worry about that..because once you arrived at the airport arrival hall…there are lots of agents offering you packages. Prices are more or less the same. Ask few agents and bargain for the best price. On the day we went for snorkeling… we were picked up by a bus (which means they already grouped from several agencies) to the jetty and by ferry to the island.

      By the way; this was the agent we engaged to. “LANGKAWI GUIDE”
      *hope it helps. HAPPY HOLIDAYS* 🙂

  4. Any shopping malls u wld recommend in Kuah town as I am staying around that area and TEOW SOON HUAT Duty Free Supermarket seems out of the way. thks!

    1. Heidi;

      Hmm…I din really shop in Langkawi. Other than ‘Teow Soon Huat” (for chocolates purchase), I only went to Jetty Point (nothing much to shop here). Perhaps…you may try looking it thru here:- SHOPPING 🙂

  5. hi mellisa,ur short vacation feed back going to be very useful for me coz im planning to go there next month.I was just wondering if u can give me this info,is there any entrance fee to Dataran Helang?And how much u paid for the cable car for each person?It will be very helpful if u can give the details.thanking u in advance:)

    1. Hi Tammy. Thanks for dropping by.
      The entrance to cable car I paid RM30. While for Dataran Helang, its free. Hope it helps.
      Wishing you an enjoyable vacation! CHEERS 😉

  6. Hi Mellissa,

    Im back from Langkawi yesterday. I took all your vacation feedback and it was truly
    worth it. I realy enjoyed the cabel car and you are right on the Underworld Water,it was worth visiting. I went to the same shop and bought lots of lots chocolates. I had a good time. Thnx to you for being part of it:)

      1. Yes,it was realy worth it. I had a great time there. Its a place where i can go one more time. Following all the feed back from your vacation was amazing and i didnt lost.
        Good job mellisa,it was realy useful for me.

      2. Tammy – Thank you so much! Ya…if given a chance…I think I will go again..I want go for ‘Mangrove Tour’ and to snorkeling again..hehe 😉

      3. no problem Mellissa. Your visit to Batu Pahat is quite interesting. Wish i can go there sometime and have the otak otak..yummy yummy:) okay mellisa,hope to see more of your vacation feedback. Good day!!

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