The Cursing Me….

I drive to work everyday. Today, I realized almost everyday I’m cursing people while I’m driving. What initiates me that?? I just couldn’t tahan those drivers turning in or out of a junction without putting a signal. Can you imagine; you were waiting “patiently” and had a hard time to cross over the junction, while the cars whom so ignorant and wouldn’t care to put signal before turning into the junction. Which results you to wait much longer.

–Just because of the “whatever” and “who cares” attitude!! For heaven sake; is it that difficult to lift your so-called ‘heavy arms’ to actually push the signal light or indicator. Probably these people just don’t understand when to use it or what is the purpose of using it. Anyhow, these people are very annoying and dangerous!! They could cause accidents too if a car behind follows too closely and they make a sudden turn without any indication. Grrrrr……

One thought on “The Cursing Me….”

  1. so funny lah you!!!
    Relax, don curse so much, later all the “skeletons” drop…. hahahahaha….

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