Dinner @ Jade Dragon Restaurant (Dai Cheong Kam)

I like Korean food. However, in Seremban it is quite limited choice. Unlike in KL, you can easily get one. This restaurant operates by a Korean family and has been operating for several years. Unfortunately this was my first time trying their food. Previously, Baby Sumo did recommend this place to me. Finally I got the chance to try it myself after the suggestion was made by my sister and brother in law.

I recalled; each time I pass by this restaurant, it looks so quiet as if the business were not good and that they were not receiving much customers. Therefore I may have doubts on it. Until last Sunday, after I had my dinner there, my perception has changed! To my surprise, the food is good and it even taste better than SIL RO AM. Perhaps; I would say the best Korean food in Seremban.

It is located at Oakland. This street is rather quiet in the evening.

We sat at the section behind this partition. More privacy I suppose..

Ban chan (side dishes).

This is what I love most about Korean food. The varieties of Ban chan. The boss was kind enough to place 2 sets of ‘ban chan’ because there were 6 of us and we sat on a long table.

a bowl of rice at RM3 each. This is not our local white rice. Its Korean rice.

Gochujang Bul-Go-Gi (Spicy Marinated Pork) – RM25

Dae-Ji Bul Go-Gi (Marinated Pork) – RM25

This is the purpose of them serving lettuce along with the grilled meat. Place a small amount of rice, a piece of meat, the sauce and wrap/roll it.

Sliced Pork – RM25

All the pork dishes above are yummy! Moreover they will do all the works (grilling) for you.

Pah Jean(pancake) – RM25

My first encounter on the pancake. It taste good after you dip in the sauce given. Otherwise it taste quite bland.

Hae Mul Tang(small)(Seafood Steamboat) – RM70

The best dish of the meal! Soup itself is tasty and spicy. A mouth watering dish and appetizing as well. Contains generous amount of seafood too. -1 whole crab, 1 big piece of octopus, mussels, clams, prawns, tofu and bean sprout.

Perhaps a closer look…

Though ‘small’ size portion, but is enough for 6 person too.

**a complimentary watermelon and rice drink for the meal above**

Food : 4/5

Service : 4/5

Ambiance : 3/5

Jade Dragon Restaurant (Dai Cheong Kam)

(behind Columbia Hospital)

No. 109-1, Lorong Haruan 5/4,

Oakland Commerce Square,

70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Tel/Fax : 06-6329646

Contact Person : William Gwak (012-2278712)

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