My Tea Break – Pisang Goreng & Keropok Lekor

Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritter) is a common snack food in Malaysia. The banana is battered and then deep fried. While Keropok Lekor is a delicacy from Terengganu. There are 2 types. 1 is the dark grey and the other one is white color(steam). The difference is that both are using different type of fish to make. If you happens to travel to Terengganu, make sure you must try the white steamed one. Served with flaming hot sambal belacan. Its irresistibly!! (hope to provide you with photo)

Last Saturday, I went to City Park, Seremban 2 just to fetch some Pisang Goreng for my tea break. Unfortunately I was too early. Pisang Goreng were not ready. Therefore I returned the following day, at about 2pm. This round I was fortunate – seeing those golden color Pisang Goreng placed in the tray. Ohh ya..not forgetting Keropok Lekor which is yummy too! All are served warm.

This mobile street stall runs by a Malay couple. I specifically choose only this stall because both its Pisang Goreng & Keropok Lekor are good!

A plate of plump golden brown Pisang Goreng for just RM2. (RM1 for 5 pcs). This must be consume while its warm. A bite of it you are able to hear some “krok krok” sound effect. Crispy batter….sweet, ripe & firm banana.

I like to dip the pisang into this bowl of kicap pedas(spicy soy sauce)- sauce was given for free; upon request. How to make the sauce—> Kicap Pedas

There are 2 types of Keropok Lekor here. The thin crispy and the rather plump size(which you can taste it like fish cake). With a value price of RM1 for 5 pcs.

Dip the crispy keropok lekor in the bowl of chili sauce (sauce given for free). Happily seeing it soaked in the sauce…. YUMMM….

Jalan S2 D39, City Centre, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

7 thoughts on “My Tea Break – Pisang Goreng & Keropok Lekor”

  1. Why your lekor sauce looks different? Looks like spesifically adding gula melaka instead of sugar. Is the taste good?

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