Places I Visited at Cameron Highlands – Part 2 (EQ Strawberry Farm, Boh Tea Center)

After the vegetable market, we continued our journey…within the short distance by road, we made another stop at a Strawberry farm which is located just beside Equatorial Hotel. Guess, strawberry farm is a MUST VISIT place in Cameron. – since its grown widely here, due to the weather. Takkan keep eating and buying strawberries..but never know how its grown & how it looks right??

Knowing that time is precious, (as we do not want to reach KL too late) I must say that we did not waste a lot of time on every destination. Each stop were within 1/2 to 1 hour.

4) EQ Strawberry Farm

There are so many Strawberry Farm here. Somehow we just choose  randomly. A friend of mine suggested ‘Big Red Strawberry Farm’. Unfortunately I missed that place. Since EQ Strawberry Farm is just a short distance from vegetable farm, therefore we went for it. Its Free Entry here. At  EQ Strawberry Farm, you may experience self pluck strawberry. Price is determined by the weight of strawberries you plucked. If I’m not mistaken its RM20/kg. Nahh….we did not go for that..just plain visit.

It’s pretty visible along the road.

Other than self pluck strawberry…there are also souvenirs and light snacks sold here. (ice cream, strawberry dip inn chocolate).

Hmm…looks like Strawberries are planted on pots.

strolling at the fenced up farm. It’s fenced, so that people won’t curi the strawberries…. ^^ Moreover the place looks quite neat too.

The ripe and the non-ripe strawberry.

EQ Strawberry Farm
78, Jalan Kuari, Brinchang, 39100 Cameron Highlands
Tel: 05-4911759

5) Boh Tea Center (open daily 9am-4.30pm closed on Mondays)

There are several tea plantations/ farm in Cameron Highlands. My friend recommended Boh Tea Center located at Sg. Palas. Not just that, she also warned me about the narrow & winding road (which fits only 1 car at certain part) all the way up hill. Ohh My…I’m so worried and terrified.  Keeping myself alert all the way up..constantly reminding Alex to move drive slow slow….careful on the sharp bend…

Saw these colorful houses when we were about to reach the designated place.

pheww…reached here safely… walking on the trails to the top for a nice view!

Well, I can see a nice and rather unique building on top hill.

I’m at midway…Don’t worry. It’s not a tough climb anyway…

still climbing for a scenic panorama view

yeah….I’m up here now! Look at the magnificent view…really worth it.

Boh is the largest tea plantation in Cameron Highlands.

The largest producer of tea in Malaysia, Boh was established by JA Russell, an English businessman in the very early nineties. Noting the mineral-rich soil, high rainfall and cooling climate of Cameron Highlands, Russell saw the potential for growing tea – high in demand at that time despite an economic depression. He purchased a tract of land in Habu and set out to produce a robust tea with a distinct flavour, straight from the ground up. Since then, Boh has expanded into a corporate franchise sponsoring nature conservation efforts, producing intense media campaigns, and marketing its products sold across Southeast Asia.

View downhill..foot trail , blue houses & also a school for the villagers here. The villagers are usually the people who works at the tea plantation.

At Boh Tea Center, you can learn about Boh’s operating history, shop for its products, dine at its cafe and view its factory. By the way…the boxes of tea sold here ain’t alot cheaper than supermarket lor…

After we had our tea break at the scenic cafe, we walked downhill by the premix road. Here, you can shoot at different angle.

OK…ending my post with a photo of Me & Alex. ^^

Will write about the Cafe at Boh Tea Center on my next post. Stay tune….

For excellent series of photos…please view this blogger:- ARDEN KHOO

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