CONGRATS to Penang Assam Laksa

I must agree that Malaysia, my home ground is FOOD HEAVEN. One can get varieties of food here.

Recently, CNNGo explored on “World’s 50 most delicious foods” – Some foods you eat to stay alive, others you eat because not to would be a crime. And they came out with a list of food worth eating. Some are still debating on the results, some aren’t satisfied with the result either.

I am so proud and delighted that Malaysia’s Penang Assam Laksa ranked at No.7! CONGRATULATION to Assam Laksa!

Assam Laksa – “Poached, flaked mackerel, tamarind, chili, mint, lemongrass, onion, pineapple … one of Malaysia’s most popular dishes is an addictive spicy-sour fish broth with noodles (especially great when fused with ginger), that’ll have your nose running before the spoon even hits your lips.”

Anyway Assam Laksa is always my favorite. Just couldn’t resist the spicy & sour soup noodle.

Take a look if your country’s famous food falls under the Top 50 list.

***Dear readers, please share your favorite Assam Laksa spot here. 

4 thoughts on “CONGRATS to Penang Assam Laksa”

  1. Wah.. U made me miss Assam laksa.. 😦 feel like flying to Penang immediately to have a bowl of the yummy laksa…

  2. Haha.. My mom is flying there on the 7th.. But I not going le.. Sigh… Cos this weekends got plan Liao.. Weekday kong dun wan go..

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