My usual Sunday Brunch @ Kopitiam Sin Cheong Kee, Seremban

This is my usual place for Sunday Brunch. Yeap…combining my breakfast & lunch. *hassle free*

Thus I am patronizing this place ever since the “G-Yuk Fun” has moved from Seremban 2 to Kopitiam Sin Cheong Kee located at Oakland Commercial Square. – An ordinary coffee shop serving Chinese Hawker food.  There are 2 stalls which I am emphasizing here. The Wantan Mee Stall & Pork Noodle Stall. Usually I will order a bowl of Konlou G-Yuk Fun(Pork Noodle-dry version). But last Sunday I was fortunate to try this delicious bowl of Laksa Noodle which usually sold out by 12pm!!

Before the meal begins, lets have a cold glass of MilkTea at the price of RM1.40. The ‘teh ping’ here is good! Rice tea flavor combines well with evaporated milk.

There came my bowl of Laksa (from the Wantan Mee Stall). I chose fine egg noodle (used as Wantan Mee). I like it to be spicier. Therefore a spoonful of chili paste will be great! The curry broth is rich in flavor. Aunty wasn’t stingy with the ingredients. I have half hard boiled egg, fresh cockles, fish balls, fried beancurd, spongy taufu pok & fried wantan, all in my bowl of laksa for just RM3.80.

Sis ordered Pan Mee (Flour Noodle)- (from Pork Noodle Stall) for RM3.80/bowl. Instead of the usual peel or flat type, she chose thin, strand type. It appears more like Ramen. These noodles are cook upon order. Caution! Becareful burning your tongue on the hot soup.

Alex ordered Konlou G-Yuk Fun (Dry Version of Pork Noodle) for RM4.00. Hmm….came to think of it…Alex had this every Sunday le.. @_@      A bowl of chewy ‘lai fun’ mixed with dark & light soy sauce, oil and topped with tasty minced pork. Another bowl of soup with pork comes separately. Usually pork noodle has pork intestines, pork liver, pork slices bring to boil together. Here; Alex prefers only with minced pork. You can also opt for soup version of different type of noodle.

**will update on the address**

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