BLACK Friday!

Today is a wet Friday. It was raining heavily. I started my journey to work as usual. Sat on the driver’s seat, put on my seat belt, (an extra step today) car wiper and switched on the car lights. Started off with  40km/h constantly. In less than 500m, PONG!!! A loud bang on my car…… %$&!@*#

I was shocked! This black MPV car came out from a junction without noticing my car!!! DAMN….. So angry, pissed & heartsick!!!!

The careless driver blamed it on the RAIN*.  To be exact, the main reason “because he was in a rush”!

The careless driver admit that it was his fault and agreed to bear the cost. Most important is that, he must settle the bill of the repair works. I don’t wish to go through all the tedious process too.

A broken headlight & damaged front bumper

Dislocated bumper

Broken headlight & chipped bumper

*Sigh….A Black Friday to me. Hou hak jai….

Anyway…dear drivers, please becareful when you drive. You may never expect the cost that you gotto bear!

8 thoughts on “BLACK Friday!”

  1. Sorry to hear of your mishap. Hope you are alright.Hope you can still drive continuously without having to forgo alternative transport because of the upcoming repairs because it will be more of a bother. Do take care innKL traffic..

  2. Luckily u r fine my dear. May the careless driver will be more carefule while he’s driving on the road. Causing his car damage is alright but not causing someone injure!

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