Premium Bubble Milk Tea @ Ochado, Pavilion KL

Are you an avid fan of Bubble Milk Tea?

Earlier we have Snowflake, Chatime. Then Gongcha. Now the brand new one is Ochado. All of them are in KL except for Chatime which has now expand to Johor and Malacca. So, if you are an avid fan and also lives in KL….you are so lucky….. And I’m so jealous =_=

Earlier I posted about ‘Tokyo Street” the place where I visited last weekend.

Then I saw this Ochado which appear to have about the same popularity as Chatime. It definitely do not stop me from giving a try. Why waste this opportunity since I’m already there.

Started since 19 March 2010 in Singapore, Ochado brought in new drinks with Japanese concept which is the japanese brewing skill to attract the attention of consumers. Ochado is originated from two words – OCHA & CHADO. Ochado, originating from Japan. Focus on brewing the best quality tea with the most natural and freshest ingredients. Strive to make every drink to perfection.

Though its crowded, the order came pretty fast.

The Ochado team were busy at work….preparing our drinks

Choose your desired flavors, toppings and size from the menu. So many types..I hardly decide. On safe side, let us all choose ‘best seller’. Stamped as good I suppose.

Premium Milk Tea : Ochado’s Roasted Milk Tea (with Pearls)

Original flavor milk tea. Served with quality. Every sip of brewed fragrant tea suits my taste and its not too sweet. Mustn’t miss out the chewy pearls by just adding RM1. I noticed that their pearls are slightly smaller than those from Chatime.

QQ Tea : Coffee Crystals Milk Tea

Same milk tea, but what made this different from the rest? It has ‘Coffee Crystals’. A jelly form cubes which has crunchy texture with taste of coffee.

Fusion Iced Tea : Honey Aloe Vera Tea

Do you like a mild drink? Or less complicate one. Honey flavored tea with small aloe vera bits which easily sip through the straw, would be a good choice. (A mixture of red tea and honey as the sweetener).

Iced Lemonade : Ochado’s Lemonade (with pearl)

 A mixture of green tea and pure lime juice with 1 no. of preserved sour plum. A very refreshing drink, best to consume during hot weather. But if you are not into sour stuff, you may find this too sour.

**Do try out their Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea with Azuki Beans and Pop Eggs Milk Tea.**

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Lot No. : 6.33.00 & 6.34.00, Level 6
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

7 thoughts on “Premium Bubble Milk Tea @ Ochado, Pavilion KL”

    1. wyyv – yaya! i like the blooming! bloom more so that I can have more of it…(put aside the calories)….hahaha…

      Sean – Hmm…(lets see the menu) is not in the list wor..perhaps you may add ice jelly or konnyaku jelly.. ^_^

  1. Coffee crystals sounds like a cool idea, but I wonder if they have other crystal flavors for those of us who aren’t into coffee. Like maybe mint crystals 😀

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