Oyaki, The Loaf @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL

Oyaki is a Japanese-Style bun. (looks like a pan-fried bun)

It was popular during Taisho period (1912-1925). The Oyaki dough was traditionally made from using local flour and water while the filling of the Oyaki was vegetables seasoned with Miso / Soy Sauce. Oyaki can be found in most of the bazaar in Japan and outside Japan during the Japan’s Festival celebration.

The Loaf has modified the traditional Oyaki to The Modern Taisho Oyaki by using Butter Roll Dough stuffed with more than 10 varieties of sweets and savories ingredients each to bake in oven instead of using the frying pan.

Other than Oyaki, The Loaf also offer the Japanese moist and creamy Roll Cakes such as Caramel Maple Syrup, Mixed Fruits, Green Tea, Red Bean and etc.

Located at 6th Floor of Pavilion. (at Tokyo Street)

Just a small shop. Suitable for take-away.

Today, there were more choices. Unlike during my first visit on the first weekend after it was newly launched.

There are 12 flavors shown on the menu. But not all available that day. Currently they are having this promotion of Buy 6 pcs for the price of 5!! Promotion ends on 31st August 2011. Ohh ya..the price per piece is at RM2.90.

Therefore I dapao back home to enjoy it with my family. It was nicely packed!

Above are types of Oyaki I chose and a cut section of each. The bun are quite soft. But I reheat them before consuming. I prefer it to be warm…as it will be nicer that way.

Sausage Cheese – Melted cheese on top with sausage filling. (good)

Chicken Mushroom – This is a deep fried type I suppose. Seeing the outer part coated with breadcrumbs (if I’m not mistaken). Filled with bite size mushrooms and cream. (good)

Bolognaise – Taste like the bolognaise spaghetti (good)

German Potato – Mashed potato filling with taste of peppercorns (not nice)

Chocolate Banana – Filled with taste of chocolate & banana. (good)

Kaya – Filled with kaya (coconut jam) (normal)

Last but not least. Before leaving, I got myself this lil rabbit from Zakka, Tokyo Street. Her name is FiFi…she’s quite shy…She sleeps with me every night.  Hb is getting jealous. He claimed that my bed is filled with soft toys. Soon, its going to be fully occupied by them. Wanyi, if you are reading here, this is your favorite bitbit!

Oyaki, The Loaf
P6.35.00, Level 6
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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