Dinner @ Home Made Fish Head Noodle, Midvalley

Together with Alex, we were roaming around in Midvalley Megamall deciding what to have for dinner. While Mummy, Bro and Sis were still in their shopping spree. Wanting to have a meal at food court where one can choose from varieties of food there. Unfortunately, the food court was so crowded. Therefore we dropped the idea of dinnering there.

Then we discovered this restaurant located the same row as Chili’s and just next to Maybank. Thought it was a good choice though since I wanted to eat something soupy.

Fish Head Noodle is the signature dish. Nevertheless they do serve other food too. ie; rice, porridge, fried noodle. But mostly are with fish.

Articles from newspaper printed on the menu.

Honey Lemon Tea

Try opting for less sweet.

Amra Plum – RM3.80 (recommended)

Amra juice together with plum was refreshing. Not too sour or sweet.

Lemon + Lychee + Plum – RM5.50 (recommended)

Deep Fried Fish Head Mee Hoon – RM9.80 (recommended) -with milk

Having a bowl of hot noodle in an air conditioned room was great. I will not be sweating all over. hahaha…. This bowl of noodle filled with rich flavor broth, tomato, salted vegetables and not forgetting the fried fish fillets and also served with thick vermicelli (mee hoon). The fish was crispy outside and meat wasn’t fishy though. Moreover the serving was quite big too.

Eaten with sambal belacan (not spicy enough for me ^^)

Deep Fried Fish Head Mee Hoon with X.O Sauce – RM11.80 (recommended)

Wanting to try a different version of fish head noodle? This could be a good choice! Slight spiciness on the broth. Equally rich in flavor.

Food : 8/10

Price : 7/10

Ambiance : 7/10

Home Made Fish Head Noodle
G(E)-015, Ground Floor,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 03-2282 0216
**Remark: August 2016. Tasted food. Food quality has dropped so much.

8 thoughts on “Dinner @ Home Made Fish Head Noodle, Midvalley”

  1. food is ok,but the service sucks.
    as if i owe them.
    come on,in retail and f and b ,business is determine by good service.
    please wake up.

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