Places I Visited at Cameron Highlands – Part 1 (Brinchang Night Market, Cactus Point, Vegetable Market)

Since we arrived Cameron quite late, therefore we did not have much time to visit any plantations. On first day, after a satisfying steamboat dinner we went to Brinchang Night Market. It was a wet evening. Luckily the rain stopped just on time for us to have a brisk walk at the night market.

1) Brinchang Night Market

Brinchang is a town located in Cameron Highlands in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. It is the second tourist town in Pahang after Tanah Rata. One of its attractions is the night market available during Friday, Saturday night and everyday on Malaysian school holidays. Brinchang night market offers a wide variety of products. Apart from vegetables, fruits, flowers, souvenirs and clothes, the main attraction here is their great variety of local street foods. Other than the representative Cameron food like fresh strawberry stick with honey/chocolate cream, steamed sweet potato or sweet corn, fried sweet potato ball, fried fresh mushroom or vegetables, the night market also serves a lot of common foods like pancake, roasted chicken, fried chicken, ice-cream, cake, fried meat ball, Murtabab, Kebab and others.

Getting a car park may be quite hectic here…I would suggest you to pay RM2 to park opposite Hill Garden Lodge Apartment/ Guardian Pharmacy or opposite the police station.

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Strawberries at night market is so cheap..3 boxes for RM20. Its big and juicy. Mixed of sweet and sourish. Not forgetting ‘ais krim potong’ filled with strawberry extract is just RM1.

2) Cactus Point

The following day, after checking out from Strawberry Park Resort, we decided to traveled towards Simpang Pulai exit. The route back to KL. Our first stop was at Cactus Point. You can make any stops along the main road…because most of the tourist attraction (places to visit) are located along the main road.

Free Entry at Cactus Point

How well do you know about cactus? Or probably have you seen cactus before (the younger generations) Here, you can see varieties of cactus. There were so unique ones, ugly ones, beautiful ones, different ages… You can also purchase the cactus with an affordable price.

Different sizes and shapes…

How about some colorful and odd shapes?

Red vs Yellow?

Waahhh….cactus too has so nice flowers?

Not just cactus can be found here…you can also get flowers and plants. What do you think about the pricing? Not bad huh… My mom bought some potted plants back home too…

Do you like Gerbera Daisy?? I like it! I personally feel that Gerbera Daisy gives me the fresh and girlish feeling. ♥♥♥♥

HELLO to Gerbera?

Cameron Highlands Cactus Point
39100 Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

TEL:   + 605-4914180 / 0192550068


3) Vegetable Market

Better known as the ‘morning market’. Located at Kea Farm, is one of most popular shopping destinations in Cameron Highlands, located 3km after Brinchang town. While mostly an agricultural district, the center of activity lies in a day market next to the main road, just before Equatorial Resort. Every morning till evening, traders and farmers sell their crops here to visitors and locals alike. Flowers, ornamental plants, souvenirs and handicrafts are other products sold in the market besides fruits and vegetables. On holiday weekends and national festivals, the road that leads past Kea Farm Market may be cluttered with cars parked (or parking) along the sides, causing a massive jam that stretches all the way to town.

You can see shoppers crowding this place, getting goods with the best price.

assorted fresh vegetables sold here. Some are hardly seen in KL.

However Mummy claimed that the Cauliflowers are quite expensive.

These vege looks so fresh and nice too…

Have you seen these in KL? Preserved Guava with Apple flavor. Price are depending on size too..For the size above, each pack is priced at RM8. 2 packs for RM15.

Flowers here are sold at cheap price. Roses here are sold at only RM10/ bouquet. (approximately 10 stalks-bear with the torn..because its still intact with the stem)

Fresh corns are priced depending on the size.

How about grilled corn. A lil char on the outer part, yet the juiciness & crunchiness is still there. However I think I much prefer the steam version. RM3 for a corn, I would say its not cheap.

Varieties of Strawberry souvenirs.

Mummy was so happy seeing all the fresh vegetables..She made huge purchase of vegetables. Big and small bags with happy face.

For more tips & info about vegetable farms & market in Cameron Highlands,

please click HERE

8 thoughts on “Places I Visited at Cameron Highlands – Part 1 (Brinchang Night Market, Cactus Point, Vegetable Market)”

    1. Tammy – Yeahh….vege is good for health! A friend of mine who isn’t a vege lover, had alot of vege there..Means the vege is very fresh. Thanks for the compliment…hehehe..*blush*

      1. yes,ur absolutely right. Those who were not a vege lover will end up falling in love with vege after seeing this!hahaha:) Gud day Melissa!!

    1. Ash – ok la…cos all are along the road geh…drive2 then stop2 lo..Boh Tea was the best one lo..but i regretted for not going the correct Strawberry farm. Ah Yi told me ‘Big Red Strawberry Farm’ I can’t find..instead I just cincai go one…(u’ll see it next post)

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