Christmas Deco at Sunway Pyramid

Christmas is just around the corner. Hence its a celebration to be jolly, to gather family & friends. And the most interesting part is…..about PRESENTS!! Nevertheless, shopping malls are putting their very best effort in the Christmas decorations. Each and every malls with usually come up with their respective ideas to create a theme. These atmosphere began a month before Christmas or even earlier.

I love visiting shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur during the month of Christmas. I felt that, that’s the place where I can feel the best Christmas spirit. Admire how creative they are…….

Here I’m touring you to Sunway Pyramid, with their Christmas tagline

“Joyful Christmas”

Christmas without pine trees?? No way!! How I wish to get one for my house….Unfortunately, there are some delays…therefore I shall push the idea to next year lah…

Children loves Christmas too….

And of course, not forgetting myself too!!  ^^

Christmas is all about the beautiful lights that brighten up the town.

Adorable Christmas bears for your love ones.

A walking Christmas tree?? @_@

No worries…It’s just a man dressed in Christmas tree outfit.

Feeling the excitement…..snapshot with the candygirl! Awww…she’s way too sweet….

Just can’t get my eyes off from her sifattt butt with all the soft dolls.

Looking for Santa? Be there at the center court from 2-4pm on every weekends.

Santa Claus is in town…you better be good!

iPad…indeed a useful gadget…

Ending my post with an overall Christmas deco on center court (shoot from Orange Concierge, ground floor)

For more details, check out the programme schedule.

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