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Christmas Deco At MidValley Megamall

Christmas celebration is getting nearer. Counting on the days made you feel the excitement. The other day I posted about Christmas deco at Sunway Pyramid. Well, today I shall tour you to Midvalley Megamall….another popular shopping complex in Klang Valley. I recalled Midvalley often scored the highest point on Christmas deco, beating the rest of the competing shopping malls.

Myself and my gfs, we made a sudden changes to our meeting venue. Instead of Pavilion & Fahrenheit, we changed it to Midvalley Megamall. (erm…due to several reasons). I always sees Midvalley is creative in their festive deco. Last year they had it with the theme of “Have A FUNTOYSTIC Christmas!” – using toys and also stuffed toys as the main deco. While this year, their theme would be “An ‘A-maze-ing’ Christmas”. Able to imagine how does it look?

The main deco is located at Center Court.

A huge Christmas tree is placed in the middle.

This is what they called it “An ‘A-maze-ing’ Christmas”. The maze!

Greeted by this huge lion statue at the main gate to the maze.

Uhhh…the sleepy lion…

These are all artificial plants.

What do you think? A nice place to take photographs with your friends, family and your loved ones right? But dislike the crowd during weekends lah..

Ashley vs. Melissa

The outstanding Ashley Woo….

Thanks you, Ashley for this lovely photos of ME ^^

Santa…Please free us..We promised to be good next year…. =p

Yippie….Santa & Santarina both arrived just on time to free us…

Grab hold of a shopper to take the photo above. Finally….a photo all 3…

Melissa, Ashley, Wanyi.

Check out the event listing HERE

Christmas Deco at Sunway Pyramid

Christmas is just around the corner. Hence its a celebration to be jolly, to gather family & friends. And the most interesting part is…..about PRESENTS!! Nevertheless, shopping malls are putting their very best effort in the Christmas decorations. Each and every malls with usually come up with their respective ideas to create a theme. These atmosphere began a month before Christmas or even earlier.

I love visiting shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur during the month of Christmas. I felt that, that’s the place where I can feel the best Christmas spirit. Admire how creative they are…….

Here I’m touring you to Sunway Pyramid, with their Christmas tagline

“Joyful Christmas”

Christmas without pine trees?? No way!! How I wish to get one for my house….Unfortunately, there are some delays…therefore I shall push the idea to next year lah…

Children loves Christmas too….

And of course, not forgetting myself too!!  ^^

Christmas is all about the beautiful lights that brighten up the town.

Adorable Christmas bears for your love ones.

A walking Christmas tree?? @_@

No worries…It’s just a man dressed in Christmas tree outfit.

Feeling the excitement…..snapshot with the candygirl! Awww…she’s way too sweet….

Just can’t get my eyes off from her sifattt butt with all the soft dolls.

Looking for Santa? Be there at the center court from 2-4pm on every weekends.

Santa Claus is in town…you better be good!

iPad…indeed a useful gadget…

Ending my post with an overall Christmas deco on center court (shoot from Orange Concierge, ground floor)

For more details, check out the programme schedule.

Merry Christmas with Preloaded Starbucks Card

Starbucks Malaysia has launched its latest Preloaded Starbucks Card on Tuesday (8th November 2011). I managed to purchase one yesterday from Starbucks Seremban. I was quite excited that I manage to purchase them easily. –heard that many outlets ran out of stock. With 2 designs for me to choose. Oh ya..both of the card designs are of Christmas! An early Christmas I suppose.

What is Starbucks preloaded card? Starbucks Card is a stored value card that offers you greater convenience when you make your purchase at any Starbucks store in Malaysia. With the ease of one quick swipe, you can use it to purchase anything from your favorite beverage to whole bean coffee or the latest range of tumblers !

What are the reward/benefits? (copied from else where)

* every 10th purchase of handcrafted beverage, u’ll get a grande bev for free..
* every 15th purchase of any size of the handcrafted bev, u’ll get the 2012 planner..
* during ur bday mth, purchase any bev n u’ll get a slice of cake for free
* purchase any size tumbler, u’ll get a grande size handcrafted bev for free..
* there r also promo if u purchase coffee beans & sbux VIA..
* and reload rm100 in ur card, n u will get a free card caddy a.k.a card holder

In conjunction to Christmas, there were 2 new flavors. Heard many good reviews on Toffee Nut. Will be trying that soon.

Despite the new flavors…there are also nice nice Christmas gifts.

Hmm…picking my desired tumbler…..but all of them looks so nice…even the mugs are looking good. *tsk* tough choice…

I chose a snowman design. Got the preloaded card at RM20 (with RM20 credit in the card). Hence this card will works like a debit card. You may top up any amount (minimum RM10RM20) at any Starbucks outlet. On top of that, register your card through the website, to get a free beverage. So, basically the card is consider free lor…

Here I tried the Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha. Its very rich..but I feel that the cranberry is too little…

**latest update dated 14 November 2011**

Purchased a slice of Red Velveteen at price RM9.90/ slice. (Classic Red Velvet Cake reinvented with an Asian twist of Red Yeast & Goji Berries). Unfortunately the slice of cake not only very small piece…yet the taste was just average and not moist enough.

Top up RM100 to my card and got myself a free card caddy. To hold my card. There were 3 colors (black, beige & red). Since its more like a Christmas thing, therefore I chose RED! 🙂

Dinner @ The Ship

It was on Christmas day. In additional to that, it was Alex’s birthday as well.

Since we were at Bukit Bintang area, we decided to have our dinner at “The Ship” – claiming it as The Best Steak in Town! (but we did not make any orders on steak^^)


I thought I could drop by at 4pm to make a reservation. Unfortunately the waiter told me, there wouldn’t be any reservations considered on that day. It would be on walk-in basis. Alright. Fine. We will come again by 6.30pm then.


As we got into the restaurant, the guests were about to fill up the entire restaurant. And to my surprise; the tables were placed so close to each other. Barely a meter away. I recalled my neighbors were about a 30cm ruler apart from me. You are not allowed to speak much louder, or else you will be sharing your story to everyone next to you. “Welcome to the story telling section”.


On that day, they do offered Christmas set dinner, which I felt not really worth eating. Therefore, we opted for the ala-carte.

complimentary bun & butter


A bowl of salad upon ordering sizzling chicken


Thai Seafood Tom Yam – RM10.90

I would claimed this was the best dish for the entire meal. The rest of our orders sucks.


Sizzling Chicken Fillet – RM22.90

Tender chicken perfectly grilled and topped with gravy, served on a sizzling hot plate with french fries and a bowl of salad

-apparently the sizzling word has removed from my order. Because it came without any sizzle at all-


Seafood Platter – RM34.90

Combination of grilled king prawns, fish fillet, grilled squid, fried soft crab and fried scallop served with french fries and mini salad

-No doubt the squid is quite big. Unfortunately its not well cooked lor, the inner layer still abit raw!!!-


Apple Juice – RM6.50


Orange Juice – RM6.50



Price : Affordable

Food : Would advise please do not dine during festive season. The food quality drops alot.

Service : Moderate


The Ship  

102-104, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
102 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03- 2144 3605
Restaurant Business Hour : Daily (12.00pm to 3.00am)



On His Birthday cum Christmas

Its Christmas! Its Alex birthday! Yeap. Both falls on the same day!


Planned the agenda earlier. Alex got me to help him book a room at Piccolo Hotel 2 weeks ahead. Its located at Bukit Bintang in between Lot 10 and Fahrenheit 88. I would say this hotel is good! In sense of location, design and price. Just walk down the street, and you will be able to find ample of food and shopping venue. You can easily return to you hotel room to get some rest. Everything was good. Unfortunately the breakfast was bad. =_=


Our Deluxe Room. Clean, Stylish & Bright. I like it!


The wash basin is placed outside the bathroom



The separated shower area and toilet


The celebration on that day wasn’t much I would say. Mainly were on food & shopping. Pavilion, Fahrenheit 88, Lot 10, Sg. Wang were the places we shopped! ^^


This 2 fella can be spotted at Bukit Bintang. You’ll gotto pay RM2 to take a photo with them.


I bought 3 slices of cakes from ‘Bread Talk’. Requested a candle from them. Personally brought a box of matches from home ^^


Happy Birthday to beloved hubby!! 😉

*wonder what wish he made*


my damage of the day. a pair of shoe again! (yea..AGAIN* as quoted by mom)



Yea…my Christmas present from Alex. THOMAS SABO Charm.

(which I’ve been longing for one)

Thanks alot Alex!! Merry Christmas ar….Happy Birthday ar…Thank kiu thank kiu ar….


p.s: Dear Ashley; You have successfully poisoned me on this. I want to thank you very much. MERRY CHRISTMAS! ^^

Christmas at PAVILION

Alex and I went to Pavilion Shopping Mall on Christmas day.

The crowd was fantastic. “People mountain people sea”

I was pretty impressed by their Christmas decorations. Especially at the outdoor of the mall. It was like a White Christmas! Wished it was snowing too ^^

The center court


The super huge curtain at the main entrance





check out the number of visitors! countless…..


This is what I meant; white Christmas.


The bulbs which similar to ice


A closer view



My favorite shot.





An Early Christmas Celebration….@ Pho Co Seremban

Jingle Bells…Jingle Bells….


Christmas is just around the corner. We have planned an early Christmas celebration cum Christmas gifts exchange.



Sin Wei suggested a theme. We shall all dress in either red or white color.

“I will come in RED lar”; I told Sin Wei.


The present ones were Sin Wei, Joanne, Tracy, Kristy, Siew Yen & myself.

Apparently; there’s a newly opened(few months ago) Vietnamese Restaurant in Oakland. They served Vietnamese cuisine and steamboat. Therefore Tracy suggested to try their steamboat.


looks clean & bright


sauces for dipping


Passion Fruit Drink – RM4.50


Vietnam Coffee


sorry…I’ve forgotten the name.Its the ingredients for ‘fresh spring roll’.

See Below


Given a sheet of rice paper. Place the ingredients(mee hoon, sliced meat, lettuce, carrot, bean sprout)  in the middle. Add some sauce.


Roll it as above.


We ordered the steamboat meal for 3 person. RM18/ person.

The steamboat portion is big. Enough for 6 of us.

The steamboat consist of sliced chicken, pork balls, sliced fish meat, cuttlefish, enoki mushroom, prawns, crabstick, taufu, cabbage, taufupok.


and also mee hoon & eggs.


The soup base is very tasty. It has slices of starfruit.


Boil it in the soup base.


The shop owner was so kind to help us to take a group photo ^^



After the meal; we are all set for the gifts exchange. Wrote our names on the paper. Then each of us draw our gift.

Presents from all of us!



Excited or Meeting???


Below are everyone’s photo with their respective gift. Macam IC photo…..  :-p

Kristy got Mel’s gift


Joanne got Siew Yen’s gift


Sin Wei got Joanne’s gift


Tracy got Kristy’s gift


Siew Yen got Sin Wei’s gift


Mel got Tracy’s gift


Everyone seems to like this very much.


My favorite photo


My favorite shot




No. 68b, Lorong Haruan 5/3,

Oakland Commercial Square,

70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.


Ms. Chong : 017-6715995