CNY 2012 – Deco @ Pavilion, Mid Valley & The Gardens Mall

Right after the Christmas celebration, here comes the Chinese New Year.

I felt its really too soon. I wish there would be another week to go. Moreover I’ll be leaving town tomorrow morning, to Sarawak (Hub’s hometown). Earlier we were busy on our new house, did not have much time on CNY stuff. Talking about house deco and CNY goodies……….hopefully I can get it done by today.

Since this year’s CNY is so early, therefore I only managed to step my foot into these 3 popular shopping malls in KL. (Pavilion, Midvalley Megamall & The Gardens Mall) – to admire the CNY decorations!

Well…its CNY and this year came to be under the Dragon zodiac. So, you shall be expecting the Red & Dragons deco. If you do not have time to visit these 3 malls, probably you can spare some time looking at the photos below.


The main attraction. At the Center Court, you are able to admire this beautiful 600ft long dragon hanging from above.

An overview of the Center Court.

The full of spirit and energetic dragon head was amazing.

Surrounding with lanterns and Azalea. Azalea is the symbol of happiness, harmony and balance in life. It is used to foster and strengthen relationships.-(source from web)

My adorable niece in her cheongsam outfit.

At the exterior of the mall

Do you like this pavilion?

Royal Selangor featuring 9 gold dragons. Read more about it HERE

Stunning gold dragon!


Mid Valley’s theme, all about lanterns & paper cuttings. Lantern signifies brightness, hapiness & reunion. While paper cutting expresses good wishes and hopes.

located at the Center Court

Bazaars selling crafts

Adorable God of Prosperity.

These artificial Azalea are really nice. And it looks quite real too.

From left: Gold money tree which doesn’t bear money , cute baby dragons, artificial fruits and vege which are quite expensive.


Wish everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai. Have a smooth journey home. 😉

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