Happy Valentine Day 2012

On eve of Valentine day, I planned and prepared a simple 3 course meal just for the 2 of us (Alex & I)— our first pre-Valentine in our new home. I do not have long hours of preparations (time is not permitted) and I’m not yet a good chef either…. *stick out tongue*

I do understand that if you love someone, everyday is a Valentine. But ……on 14 Feb is still a special day too ma….. 😉

I return home from work and quickly get myself commit to the kitchen. ^^

Table for 2 at 8.30pm?? Not really a surprise one lah, because Alex roughly knew what I was about to prepare.

To make it a lil mysterious, I’ve gotten a name for my 3-course meal…..Hehehe..

♥♥Don’t Worry….These Are Edible♥♥

(3-course meal)


The Hidden Treasure

Cream of Mushroom + Seafood Soup

(Its a canned soup. Therefore you may expect the microscopic seafood..just like a hidden treasure)

Main Course

None Other Than The Only One

Spaghetti Bolognese

(This main course may look or sound ordinary and simple….And So am I. Am just a simple and ordinary gal ^^)


The Miss Whatever

Fruits Flavored Yogurt with Snickers Chocolate Bar

(I got the inspiration from SimplyTia, by using yogurt as dessert. But since mine is more on cincai (I don’t care) version, therefore I named it ‘whatever’) ***BTW..Tia’s version is way yummier ok.


House Wine (Red Wine)

Taa…Daahh….this was the presentation on my 3-course meal la….

Dear Hub;

These are all I can prepare. Hope you sincerely like it (though he said LIKE).


Oh ya…not forgetting  a stalk of purple rose for my dearest mummy..(she deserves one too..) Happy Valentine Day Mummy…

Last but not least….


to everyone!!!

15 thoughts on “Happy Valentine Day 2012”

  1. Alex is the luckiest man lah! hahahaha… Good job mel mel. 😀
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you! (Though macam a bit late. Kakakakaka)

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