OMG! I felt so outdated lah!

I usually watches movies from TGV cinema. To me TGV are more accessible.

I can’t remember when was my last visit to GSC. That must be quite sometime ago. Yesterday, Alex wanted to watch The Wedding Diary. It would be either we go Summit USJ Mall or Puchong IOI Mall, which are nearer to our staying place. Unfortunately, this movie is not shown in Summit USJ. Therefore we decided to choose GSC, Puchong IOI Mall. I made an online purchase through GSC website. (you are required to sign up an account in order to make an online purchase)

Same as TGV, I received a copy of confirmation number sent to my email address. It stated there ‘SelfPrint Ticket’. So, I printed a hardcopy and I assumed that should be my ticket. When we arrived at the cinema, I asked the ‘check-ticket boy’, whether can we enter using this ‘SelfPrint Ticket’. He then replied, yes…please scan here. I was like ‘Ohhh…thank you’…..(Wahh…now so Hi-tech edi le…..). At that point, I felt so outdated. Dunno since when they implemented this ‘hi-tech’ thing for e-ticketing.

For TGV e-ticketing…you’ll have to collect your movie tickets purchased at the selected cinema by producing confirmation ID of the transaction at the ticketing counter. See….its different.

Scan the Barcode on top right of page before entry. You may either you print the page or save it in your phone.

p/s : Don’t laugh at this ‘katak di bawah tempurung’ lady ya…Muahahha…

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