I Live in “Boleh” Land Ma…

I live and grow up in Malaysia.

Malaysia is my beloved country.

In this peaceful country, we are always capable in many things. That’s why we often have the strong spirit of “Malaysia Boleh!”

When you say impossible. I say, Boleh…Can…可以….முடியும்…

What’s more? We are very good in implementing new stuff but hardly maintain it.

Malaysia Boleh Ma….

Below are some of my favorite picks.

We created lots of records. For the longest….the biggest….so and so.

We have Proton, our “branded” local cars. Which sold at lower price in the foreign countries (source from internet)

We once have on this beautiful “Eye on Malaysia”, transportable Ferris Wheel. Cantik kan? From year 2007 to 2008 it was located in KL.Then its transported to Melaka (just like funfair..can pindah here and there) till year 2010. And now its ‘vanished’. Luckily I managed to have a pleasant ride.

We have Komuter (1 of the main transport) since year 1995, but hardly arrive on time or often breaks down.I traveled 1 hour and 20 minutes just to reach Midvalley (from Seremban) – minus the waiting time. (if you missed one..pls wait another 30 minutes). Ohh ya, not forgetting if you like to have some free sauna session, please hoop in during peak hours. Bestnya…..

Then they introduced the ‘Coach for ladies only’ in komuter since year 2010. Of cos I’m jumping in joy la…I won’t be getting some ‘hamsup‘ stare wat. But hor…I often sees MAN getting into the coach. Hmm…they can’t understand the symbol? Or the MANs wore skirt?

Then on year 2010 we spent so much on Malacca Monorail Project . Kononya to attract tourist la..but broke down several time since the operation started. Passengers gotto get down from the stalled monorail using ladder (with the help from Bomba)

Then on year 2011 we set up own brand products. Yuhuu…the 1Malaysia brand, the not very cheap price products. I brave myself experimenting the lychee. *Feel so proud la* Alamak….sourish punya le…

Then the latest one, we are getting Lynas into our country despite multiple disagreements from the citizens. Opps…not getting. Its already consider as an on-going project. Government proclaimed that “its safe ma!!”  Why you all still scare.

Today, we are getting new coaches le…*So Hepi*…I was told that the coach is longer and our waiting time will be reduced wor. Let me take a ride this weekend. Lets not grumble…see…we bought new trains le…must feel proud ma…

Below are some feedback I gathered from friends.

  • Ashley – the thais can be bumi but not other races who have been residents since looooong time… for generations… M’sia BOLEH!
  • Angeline – our RM cant do currency exchange in bank in China.. they accept SGD, Brunei Dollar.. sigh


Well…you’ll gotto love my country more…We are the BOLEH country ma. 😉

9 thoughts on “I Live in “Boleh” Land Ma…”

  1. BOLEH!! Apa pun boleh! YES! Tak tipu punya. Kalau tak boleh, mali lah Malaysia, mesti jadi BOLEH!
    LMFAO!!!!!! Even Lynas also chosen M’sia, the BOLEH land. See… hmm… I think this BOLEH slogan can attract a lot of foreign investors, be it good or bad. LOL!

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