BreakTime @BlackBall Taiwanese Tea & Dessert, SS15

I’ve heard some positive reviews about this place. BlackBall, serving Taiwanese Tea & Dessert. When it comes to Taiwan dessert…I always got the urge to try. Currently there are 4 outlets in Klang Valley, 3 in JB, 2 in Penang and 1 will be opening in Melaka. I knew there’s an outlet located at Subang SS15, quite convenient to me. Without much hesitation, I made my way there. Yalah….I want to compare theirs with Snowflake ma. ^^

Well..I won’t be writing about their infos, history and so on. Its all well explained in their webbie. So, lets take a look at the food photos here.

The concept is just like the other competitors. Self service. Place an order, pay and wait for your order.

BlackBall Wintermelon – RM6.90

Its a new introductory. Not sure whether is this a seasonal item. However I reckon its quite special. What we often sees are usually ‘grass jelly’. Instead of grass jelly, here they have Wintermelon jelly. It tasted good. A bowl of icy dessert with complete (sufficient) toppings. Both my beloved ‘taro balls’ and ‘pearls’ are there.

Anything printed with the word ‘signature’, I assume its ‘recommended’. Snowflake named it as ‘Bestseller’. Here, they named it as BlackBall Signature – RM6.50. Well…you can choose either cold or hot. The BlackBall Signature combines grass jelly ice, taro ball, taro Q, red bean, pearl and topped with grass jelly.

Added creamer

Pearls are chewy. Same goes to the taro balls. Though the taro balls are chewy, somehow its lack of flavor. Hardly taste the flavor of the sweet potato and taro(yam).

Other than desserts, they served drinks(tea) too.

(from left) Boba Milk Tea – RM5.90 (average)

QQ Cranberry Lemon Juice – RM5.90 (a lil sourish & very refreshing)

Winter Melon Tea with Sky Pearl – RM5.90 (good choice for winter melon fans)

Overall Rating – 6.5/10 (Based on individual preferences)

BlackBall Original Taiwanese Tea & Dessert
63G, Jalan SS15/8A, 
Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: 0123719037

15 thoughts on “BreakTime @BlackBall Taiwanese Tea & Dessert, SS15”

  1. I think they have one branch in Seri Petaling. Shall give it a try since it’s so close to my house! Do try GongCha’s Winter Melon Tea with grass jelly too 🙂

    1. wyyv – yeap. you are right. There’s an outlet at Seri Petaling. Give it a try and make your comparison. Yaya…I do agreed that Gongcha served quality winter melon tea. Especially their Signature Winter Melon. Yummm ^^

  2. this one is ok for me and I thought it was better than Snowflake.

    Here’s another one for you to try …. I found recently in SS2 called Isenbin! I love their peanut ice and their noodles…

  3. Four of us from Manila, Philippines are leaving for Seoul, Korea on May 16 2012. Do you have any idea on the weather forecast. It’s our first time to see Korea. Fely Halili

    1. Hi Fely Halili….

      You may check on these 2 websites about their weather forecast for month of May. Hope you & your friends will have a good time in Korea! 😉

    1. Hi MIA…thanks for your interest. I’ve just dropped a message to Blackball…
      Here’s their reply.

      “All our desserts and drinks are 100% halal, unfortunately we don’t have the halal cert yet as it will take a long time to apply, but for sure we will have the cert someday in the future. [:)] “

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