Makan Makan @ Food Hall, Siam Paragon Bangkok

We were traveling in a group of 6. After checking in to Bangkok City Hotel, we decided to go to Siam Paragon for our late lunch. Heard that there’s a huge food court there, which you shouldn’t miss. Varieties of food here…felt its even more choices than Pavilion’s food court.

How to get here? From Bangkok City Hotel, take BTS (light green line) to Siam Station, alternatively walk, 1km away from the hotel. However due to the super hot weather, we decided to go by taxi. Choose taxi which uses meter*. Bangkok taxi fare is quite reasonable. Unlike those taxis in KL…”cut-throat”!! Let me do some maths for you. If you go by BTS from Ratchathewi Station to Siam Station, the fare is 13baht. If by taxi with meter, its 50baht. So, if you are traveling with at least 3 person…I think its more cheaper to go by taxi. Nonit to squeeze with people, nonit to wait, you got a comfortable ride summore.

In Bangkok, taxis are everywhere. And its quite new too. (look at the colorful taxis)

walking towards Siam Paragon.

Food Hall has a wide range of restaurants and food stalls. Located at ground floor. It was a tough choice looking at the varieties of food, desserts and drinks.

Grill squids …ask for spicy chili sauce.

Grilled Fish

Plump and juicy sausages.

Ohh….I saw Chatime there too!

The pork ribs section. The price is pretty fair too.

A plate of nicely cooked pork ribs. Savory!! 340baht.

Spicy Chicken Wings. This is superb! Nice crispy wings, with well coated sauce.

fancy some grilled mushrooms?

More skew meat pork.

Assorted Cakes and Thai desserts.

Assorted cakes in cups. Buy 3 free 1 for just 285 baht.

photo from wikipedia

When you dine at the food court, you are required to purchase cash card from the food hall’s counters. Its refundable.

Thai pancake. Too sweet for me.

Thai pancake. Too sweet for me.

Beef Noodle

I like my spicy noodle (tom yam noodle).

Such a nice thing that their food court serves PORK! Moreover the pricing are generally fair..judging from the environment and food quality. Price of each bowl of noodle are average 50baht. Don’t think you can get this kind of price in KLCC or Pavilion food court rite? Sorry, because I couldn’t remember some of the price and couldn’t cover all the food here. Ya..I admit I was too engrossed on my food….that I may have miss out some photos. hehe….

Address:   991 Rama I Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330
Open:       Mon- Sun 10 am – 10 pm

18 thoughts on “Makan Makan @ Food Hall, Siam Paragon Bangkok”

  1. Hey I been there..
    you didn’t order the “siew chu” piglet?
    Last time my friend treat me and loaded THB1,000 inside.
    order a lot of things.. include of red wine also.. LOL …
    you everything too sweet gher le… talking like my mum .. kakakakakaka

    1. Simple Person – No o..didn’t order that. Told u edi…tough decision..everything oso feel like ordering. Do u like the place?
      LMAO!! I talks like ur mom …u gotto becareful..later I nag nag u.. haha

      1. so many tonnes you gain… ?
        never mind since BKK is heaven of shopping .. can get all the clothes…
        btw why so sudden go to BKK? or you had planned long time ago?

      2. Simple Person – erm…not sudden oso la…Oledi plan want to go and bought the flight ticket few months back. Yala…need to buy more loose clothes edi =p

  2. tell u a true funny story.
    When I was there.. we went with a pakistani guy..
    Then I saw the yee chu (whole roasted piglet with the head somemore)…
    I didn’t think so much and just order.. when the thing arrive the pakistani look at it and then he move to other table to sit..
    I am so paiseh.. coz he is a muslim …..sorry dude…

  3. I went Nuts at this Food Court! hehehe

    I ate so much till I wanna burst… still got no time to blog about it but I took pics of almost every stall…lol… shiok lah this ‘pork’ food court!! ;D

    1. Food Dreams – Hahaha….agreed!! Jaw drops. Yerr…u still manage to take most of the shots. I’m looking forward to see! Memang shiok giler… =p

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