Where have you been?

Hehe….you might be wondering where has this aunty been?

Hehe….I MIA the whole week.

Hehe….I just came back from my holiday. Where to? Bangkok!

Despite the burning sun and hot weather, everything was good!

The endless shopping, eating, walking and sun tanning.

Well, just give me a lil time to extract the photos, some editing and I’ll sure seduce tempt you guys with loads of food and useful infos!  😉


*Hey…Sunny! Its that you in the background??* Aiyak…this fella kinda spoiled the picture la…

10 thoughts on “Where have you been?”

  1. hi, u b Bangkok for how many days ? fr ur blog only a few place u visit ? 3 ~ 4 days ? is that enough time to visit BK?

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