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After You Dessert Cafe @ Siam Square One, Bangkok

As long there’s a space in your tummy to fill, you can eat non-stop in Bangkok. So much food to try in Bangkok.

I often see friends who visited Bangkok, definitely dropped by this Dessert Cafe. It is well known for its Shibuya Toast.

After You dessert café first opened in 2007. Till today, there are about 30 outlets opened around Bangkok.

My last year’s trip to Bangkok, I didn’t get the chance to come here because I went to Hello Kitty cafe instead, my favorite Sanrio character. So, this year’s trip I told my friend to include this cafe into our itinerary.


Little did I know, After You Dessert Cafe, Siam Square One is actually next to Hello Kitty Cafe. LOL LOL!! At the main entrance, one is on the left, and the other is on right. 😀


As I entered the cafe, I could see almost all seats are filled. The atmosphere look alike in Korea. 🙂




Over here, you gotto queue up at the counter to make orders. Kinda like self service. But they will bring the food over to your seating table.

Even though it looks crowded, but food was served not long after we placed our order.

I looked at tables around me, they would order either toast or kakigori (bingsoo) or both of them. All the desserts actually looked so mouth-watering and instragram worthy 😀


Ice water is available for free.


Extracted from the website, there are total 9 types of Shibuya Honey Toast here (1 is missing from the frame, Strawberry Cream Toast).


I chose the Shibuya Honey Toast (195 baht), a rather classic one because I wished to taste the originality.




Now I understand why people like their toast so much. Although the toast is thick, but it is not dry inside. Crisp outside but has a very smooth and moisture bread texture inside. Cut into blocks, every surface is spread with margarine. It was so nice eaten together with the vanilla ice cream.


My friend also ordered the Chocolate Lave (175 baht).


Dive in your fork and watch the chocolate flow. The chocolate filling was rich and smooth. However I felt the size is abit small lar. 😀


Durian Crumbstick (95 baht) looking interesting. Therefore we ordered one to kill our curiosity. Shaped like a real durian pulp, but its actually an ice cream. Very smooth and rich durian flavor, for durian lovers.


For drinks, I had Hot Cappuccino (115 baht) served with a piece of biscuit, while my friend had Iced Latte.


Merchandises like T-shirt, Tote Bags and Stainless Steel Cup are sold here too.

I will definitely come for the Toast again if I visit Bangkok next round. There are so many nice cafes in Bangkok now. So, if you are a cafe hopper, do plan it well. 🙂

Oh ya, there’s also a small kiosk of After You Cafe at Don Mueang Airport. But it only serve cakes and kakigori.

After You Dessert Cafe
Ground Floor
Tel no. 02 115 1949
Operation Hours:  12:00pm – midnight (everyday)


Bangkok Day 3 (Pratunam, Baiyoke Fashion Wholesale, Big C Supermarket, Central World, Talad Neon Night Market)

Our hotel is just an alley away from Pratunam Morning Market. The street gets busy as early as 4am. The morning market will closes early too. At about 10-11am.

The streets are filled with street food and clothing. Mostly are female clothing, minimal of children and men’s clothing.

Assorted cooked dishes.

The Thai grilled pork from this stall was delicious. If I’m not mistaken, it was just 100 baht?

Porridge with condiments was delicious too.

Trying the Bangkok popular rubber slipper, brand Monobo. It is very comfortable and lasting wear.

Not much bargaining is allowed here because most of the prices are quite low. You can get better deal if you purchase 2 or 3 items at once. (wholesale price)

We are now walking towards the Pratunam Market. (red signboard is Baiyoke Tower)

Pratunam Wholesale Market is filled with shops and tiny stalls flowing over to the sidewalks and extending all the way to Baiyoke Towers I and Baiyoke Towers II on Ratchaprarop Soi 3.
As you can see the crowd especially during weekends. It was so packed and I felt that I am in a maze. You can also see people dragging their luggage size bags to fill their loots. Try to avoid entering this area on weekends.
Pratunam Market
Opening Hours: 24 hours (retail shops open from 10:00 – 21:00)

Location: Intersection of Ratchaprop and Petchburi roads to Ratchaprarop Soi 3

Big C Supermarket.

Depending on which part of Pratunam you are, walking from Pratunam to Big C Supermarket will take around 5~15 minutes.
Opening Hours: 09:00 – 23:00
Location: Ratchadamri Road (opposite CentralWorld)

BTS: Chidlom

Big C is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Thailand. Most of the people come to Big C Supermarket, visiting the supermarket is to shop for the local products. Wide range of products with good deals.

You may refer to this link on what is best to bring home.
Well, if you didn’t get a chance to visit this supermarket, you can also easily grabbed some of the above local snacks from 7-Eleven convenience stores which are easily spotted around Bangkok.
Central World is just opposite of Big C Supermarket.
World Food Expo which went on from 23 Mar 2017 – 09 Apr 2017, held at the entrance of Central World.
Street Food and Food trucks will operate their business throughout the 18 days of the event.
There were also other activities going on, plus cooking demonstration. But we are more interested to eat! Especially the local Thai food 😀
Time to indulge in more local delicacies. (but its more pricey)
In the evening, we decided to check out Palladium Night Market.
Located outside of Palladium World Shopping Centre slightly opposite from Platinum Shopping Mall. We seem to get different operation hours from the internet. We were here at around 7pm. However we noticed that not many stalls were there. Moreover it does not attracts us. We did not want to waste much time there. Hence, we decided to walk over to Talad Neon Night Market which is just around 10 minutes.
We felt that Talad Neon Night Market has more stuffs that suit our liking. A night market that not only focus on clothing. But also handmade items which can personalize names…best to get as souvenirs or gifts, not forgetting there are also food stalls.
Haircut at a night market? Very artistic.
Last round of shopping before we head home the next day. Bangkok is a shop and eat place. You can shop endlessly and you can eat endlessly.
Snacks stall.
We are checking out what to have for dinner.
My friend wanted Salt Baked Fish. So am I. Therefore we settled ourselves at this stall, named Pen Hnung Grill Fish & Seafood.
The grilled talapia fish was big and meaty! Only 260 baht. Compliment with raw vegetables and chili dipping sauce. The chili dipping sauce was awesome.
Grilled Seafood Set (Small) – 399 baht.
Mixed of cockles, prawns, squids, mussels.
Before I end this post, there is something you should take note when you travel.
Day 3 was really a bad day and also unforgettable day!!
My backpack was slashed! Indirectly should be I got robbed!
at Pratunam Wholesale Baiyoke Tower. Refer to above photo where I did mentioned about the crowded place and maze like area.
It was also my carelessness for carrying a backpack with my belongings. If you need to carry a backpack putting your important belongings, carry it front facing.
I felt I was being pushed as I was sandwiched in between the crowd.
I didn’t thought further. Little did I know, my backpack has such long slash as I wanted to fetch my wallet to pay a dress.
My wallet and mobile phone is gone! My friend tried calling my number. But couldn’t get through anymore.
I was like WTF! Why am I so careless. Why does it happen to me. I felt like crying but in shocked stage.
Luckily I still have my passport.
Hotel staffs were helpful to get a person to send me to and fro the nearest police station to file a police report. I even offered a small tipping to him although he was reluctant to accept. In the police station, there was another tourist who was crying while making her police report too. She was robbed too.
This police report is very important for me to come back Malaysia to redo my identity card without having to pay for penalty. Besides that, it is also useful to claim insurance from the travel insurance that I’ve purchased before the trip.
Chatuchak is also another popular place for bag slashed. The thieves are really professional!
I do hope the local authority there would do something to tighten the security and safety of the popular spots.

Bangkok Day 2 (Wat Arun, Wat Intharawihan, Erawan Shrine, Siam Square One, Terminal 21)

Day 2 weather was good. Warm but not too sunny. We started Day 2 by joining a half day tour to several destinations arranged by the tour agent. We began our journey from hotel to Wat Arun by Van then transferred to pier.

Driving through the bustling city with heavy jams, hence it took us almost 30 minutes to reach the destination.

Located on the west side of Chao Praya River (opposite Tha Thien Pier). Hence a shuttle boat/ferry is required to cross over.

It was just a short distance.

From Sapphan Taksin boat pier you can take a river boat/ferry that stops at pier 8.

Panoramic view from Wat Arun.

The temple is open daily from 08:30 to 17:30.

Front entrance of the “Ordination Hall”. There are two demons, or temple guardian figures.

Apparently, Wat Arun is known as “Temple of Dawn”.

Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple.

The temple derives its name from the Hindu god Aruna, often personified as the radiations of the rising sun. Wat Arun is among the best known of Thailand’s landmarks and the first light of the morning reflects off the surface of the temple.

Thai King passed away on October 13, 2016. The King was a very respected person. Hence the Thais would mourn for a year before their beloved King was cremated a year later.

The main feature of Wat Arun is its central prang (Khmer-style tower) which is encrusted with colorful porcelain.

For the foreigners, the temple charges an entrance fee of 50 baht.

There were several souvenir stalls in front of this temple. My friend and I stumbled upon this stall which offers rental of Thai traditional costume with photoshoot. The fee was 20 200 baht/person.

From Wat Arun, we were then transferred to Wat Intharawihan. The traveling time was about 20 minutes.

Wat Intharawihan or Wat Intharavihan is a wat located in the Phra Nakhon District of Bangkok.

Every colors (candles) comes with a different meaning/purpose. But all are of good cause.

The main attraction of this temple will be this 32 meters high, 10 meters wide standing Buddha.

The Wat Intharawihan is open daily from 8:30 am until 8 pm. Admission is free.

Coincidentally the temple was having a ceremony. We spotted many monks there.

They also offered free food to the public. The rice in soup was delicious!

We then proceed to gemstone factory. HAHAHA!! I knew this is a trick of every tour. They will anyhow bring us to some buying place. Anyway, we get to watch how a stone is handcrafted into a beautiful gem and made as jewellery.

*Do not ask me if I left this place empty handed. LOL LOL!

Our half day tour ended here. At Erawan Shrine.

Erawan Shrine, is a shrine in Bangkok, Thailand, that houses a statue of Phra Phrom (four-faced Brahma), the Thai representation of the Hindu god of creation Lord Brahma. A popular worship statue that draw people all over the world to do their prayers here.

Road side traders selling birds in cages.

Thai dance performance.

Since Erawan Shrine is located nearby Central World shopping mall, therefore we settled a quick lunch at the Mcdonalds. One thing you must not miss at Bangkok’s McD would be the ‘pork burger’ lar.

Getting to Siam Square One from Erawan Shrine was not tough. Using the skybridge linking from Central World to Siam Square. By foot it take around 10 minutes.

Our intention here was to visit Hello Kitty House Bangkok.

*duck cafe spotted*

This area is more fashionable and also filled with youngsters.

There were flea market going on during our visit. Varieties of selling items. From handcrafts to food.

Our next stop and final stop for the day will be to Terminal 21.

Hoop on to BTS from “Siam” station to “Asok”. The fare is 30 baht. Traveling time was about 15 minutes including some walking.

For tourists, you may collect a ‘tourist privilege card’ from the information counter to enjoy some discount from participating outlets.

Terminal 21 is a one floor one theme shopping mall. The concept is market streets of the world. It is decorated based on well-known streets in cities such as Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul.

1st Floor – Tokyo

4th Floor – San Francisco (City)

Food court is located at 5th floor. It is known as food court Pier 21. You are required to purchase a prepaid card from the assigned counter. The balance money in the card is refundable. There are varieties of food at this food court. However my choice of food court still Siam Paragon’s. 🙂

Since this is a theme mall, even the toilets are designed with themes. Perhaps a toilet hopping at Terminal 21 mall? hehe….

Clothing here are more expensive if you compared them with Platinum Mall.

There goes Day 2. My friend and I, we felt too tired to travel back to our hotel via BTS + walking. Therefore we sat tuk tuk, which was available at the entrance of the mall. Remember to ask the price before getting in.



Bangkok Day 1 (My Hotel, Platinum Fashion Mall, Talad Neon Night Market)

On beginning of April 2017, my friend Wei Chi & I we both traveled to Bangkok for a short 4D3N trip. It was our girl trip of the year.

During the MATTA fair, Wei Chi bought the ground package from our local travel agency which includes hotel stay, transport to & fro airport & 1/2 day tour in Bangkok.

Our travel time from Kuala Lumpur (KLIA2) was around 11am. But ee arrived the airport earlier due to the enforced ruling of hand luggage weight. Hence, an early breakfast we had at the airport before we depart.

Early breakfast at Family Mart. (located at the departure floor)

I made an advanced purchase of sim card for my mobile phone in order to stay connected when I’m in Bangkok. It will be cheaper to get a local sim card rather than using the roaming service. I bought it through Klook. It is a reliable travel website. Why did I buy it here instead of buying from Bangkok airport? Buying through the web, is slightly cheaper and most importantly it save the hassles of waiting or queuing (in case there’s any).

Pick Up:

The telco provider from AIS is one of the most recommended one. I do agree on this because my phone line was at 4G throughout my entire trip.

We were transferred to our hotel at Pratunam via vehicle arranged by the local agent. Nevertheless, it is also very convenient to hire a meter taxi from airport to the city. With bulky luggage, I preferred to go by car instead of train. The traveling time from airport to Pratunam, took at least 1 hour due to the heavy traffic in Bangkok. Traffic jam is something common in Bangkok.

Don Mueang Airport → My Hotel Pratunam:-

Please go to Basement 1 of the Airport and take a city line to drop yourself off at Phayathai station. The cost of city line 15 – 45 Baht /ride depending ten distance ( The fare to myhotel should be 45 Baht/ride). Then may I suggest you to take a meter taxi to myhotel Bangkok within cost around 50 Baht. And now you can check in all luggage at Makkasan station to the Airport. ~info extract from my hotel web.

The check-in process was quite fast. Staffs were quite friendly. Apart from that, the hotel offers complimentary tuk tuk service to main road. Because the walking distance from this hotel to main road may take around 5 minutes.

My Hotel Pratunam is located in the heart of Pratunam shopping district. There are convenient stores like 7-11 and Family Mart within 2 minutes walk.

My Hotel is a simple boutique hotel suitable for light travelers or travelers who do not intend to spend much time in the room. We were in a ‘Standard Room’.

  • Electronic room keycard
  • Fully air conditioned
  • Refrigerator
  • Built-in desk
  • LCD television
  • Bathroom with shower and water heater
  • Set of coffee and tea with electric boil water.
  • Complimentary mineral water
  • Free Wifi (but unstable connectivity)
  • Complimentary breakfast (do not have high expectation ya)

We were so hungry by the time we arrived our hotel, because it has past lunch time. So hungry that we made a choice of room dining.

The food prices were quite reasonable. We had Rice Topped with Stir-fry Pork & Basil (50 baht) & Tom Yam with Milk (Dory Fish) (39 baht). The rice was good but the tom yam was just average.

We took the hotel’s tuk tuk service to main road and from there we still need to walk around 10 minutes to Platinum Fashion Mall, our first stop of the day.

We saw some sort of flea market in front of Platinum Fashion Mall. But I wasn’t sure if this is permanent or just temporary.

We walked into Platinum Fashion Mall for more cooling shopping spree.

Platinum Fashion Mall is like an indoor version of the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It specializes in wholesale fashion clothing and accessories, with floors of shopping space, packed with some 2788 shops. You’ll save more buying in larger quantities.

We began at 5th floor where the children wear is.

I then stumbled upon this shop named Sun Star located at 222/1238-42, Zone 2, Soi ORCHARD, 5F

This place made me go gaga! Looking at all the cute stuffs…I just couldn’t decide what I want. For 3 items & above (with same code number), you are entitled for wholesale price which made quite a big difference in price.

I was walking around this children clothing floor to search for pajamas. They have nice children pajamas here. Price around 250 baht/set, may cost more if the size is bigger.

Our early dinner at Yum Saap located at Floor 6F, Zone 2, Soi WALL STREET, Room 222. We had Tom Yam Mama Noodle & Green Curry Rice. The food here is not bad. (Shopping Complex price). There’s also a food court at the same floor.

At Platinum Fashion Mall, you can really spend hours shopping here. Do not hesitate to buy when you see something that you like otherwise you may not find it again. Some shops allow bargaining especially if you buy 3 or more pieces.

Operation Hours:-

SAT, SUN, WED : 08.00 – 20.00
MON, TUE, THU, FRI : 09.00 – 20.00


A free tuk tuk ride from Platinum Fashion Mall to Talad Neon Night Market. The ride is only available from Wednesday to Sunday (7-9m) . (there’s a counter at side entrance of the mall, towards the pedestrian bridge)

Otherwise the walking distance from Platinum Fashion Mall to Talad Neon will be around 10 minutes (550m).

Talad Neon is a new night market opened since December 2016. The place is brightly lit. Comprising stalls of homeware, clothing, food & beverages. Mostly mend by the youngsters.

Wow….a hippy haircut at a night market?

There wasn’t much clothing during my visit. But I do noticed that there are varieties of handmade stuffs.

HAHAHA….interesting drinks!

Talad Neon is only open from Wednesday to Sunday. (5pm-12am)

For more info:-

Tuk tuk ride back to Platinum Fashion Mall. This was my first tuk tuk ride experience although it was my second time traveling to Bangkok. But indeed a good experience! You really must try once to experience the ride lar… 😀

Walking from Platinum Fashion Mall back to hotel took around 15 minutes.

While walking back, we spotted some street paddlers. We couldn’t resist these good looking grilled prawns. They looked so tempting. So, we bought one for supper. It was really fresh & crunchy. We also bought Mango, which tasted so sweet and juicy.

There goes our Day 1 trip.

Dine & Shop at Hello Kitty House Bangkok

Hands up if you are one of the Hello Kitty fan 🙂

Hello Kitty is an official Sanrio character. I adore Hello Kitty for its cuteness. I believed everyone has an inner child in them. hehe….

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe at Sunway Pyramid, I didn’t get the chance to visit. But during my recent travel to Bangkok, I tried to insert Hello Kitty House into my itinerary. There are many theme cafes at Bangkok now.

I was told that Hello Kitty House Bangkok is a cafe cum shop cum spa place.

Hello Kitty House is opened at Siam Square One. It is a multi storey building located along a busy road. Besides that, it is strategically located near BTS Siam Station. Its just a walking distance.


Jeng jeng jeng….we were here at Hello Kitty House Bangkok for a tea break.

The dining hall is furnished with pink pastal color chairs, walls and warm lighting making it looked so sweet & lovely.

The staff lead us to our seats. But as soon as I sat down and quickly placed an order, I couldn’t stop taking photos. LOL! Every angle and corners are worth taking photos. Its just too lovely.

Assorted cakes of the day were displayed here.

I also went upstairs. As I walked up the bright white color staircase leading up to the following floor ………………

I reached the upper floor which look grandeur and romantic! The upper floor is much brighter due to the tall windows surrounding the hall.

Apart from that, the chairs, the windows…..all are of Hello Kitty. Literally melts. I wonder if anyone throw a wedding reception here. Feels so romantic lar.

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel

The colorful menu.

I ordered the sandwich set which comes with a drink for 250 baht.

Ham & Cheese Kitty Sandwich

For drink, I chose Hot Chocolate with a kitty face. Aiyohh….how to drink la….must admire kao kao first before damaging it.

My friend chose the Hello Kitty Tumbler set for 399 baht from the monthly promo. I assumed the monthly promo may varies each month. The set comes with a Fries, a drink filled in the hello kitty tumbler. There were choice of 3 designs.

the cute tumbler that filled with Iced Milk Tea.

Everything is about Hello Kitty here…even the theme song that is constantly repeating, I could still remember and hum the song. Tell me about it…I know it can be annoying to some people. 😀

More posing 😀

After done with our light tea break & photo taking, we went downstairs at lower ground floor for more hello kitty merchandises.

very nice to see, but not so nice for my wallet. Because the prices were not cheap…moreover with out poor currency 😦

This is a very nice place even if you are not a hello kitty fan. Furthermore, I think this place is meant to attract girls… 😀 😀 😀 mainly for the ambiance and the hello kitty character…but not really about the food. Hello Kitty is main, food is secondary.


Hello Kitty House Bangkok
Address: 388 Siam Square One Building, LG, 1st & 2nd Floor, Siam Square Soi (Alley) 7, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.
Contact: +662 115 1335
Business Hours: 10.00am-10.00pm



Wat Saket (Temple of the Golden Mount), Bangkok

Majority of the Thais are Buddhist. Therefore in Bangkok, you can see there are many temples highlighted as the tourist attraction.

After we returned from Damonen Saduak Floating Market, while we were taking a break at the pier, Yew Kong started to use his iPhone to check the nearest temple. With the help from Yew Kong, doing some hand gesture(ayam & itik conversation) with our McD driver to bring us to the nearest temple (he simply point out 1 temple). With nodding from McD driver, he then drove us here, Wat Saket (Temple of the Golden Mount).

Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan, usually short Wat Saket) is a Buddhist temple (Wat) in Pom Prap Sattru Phai district, Bangkok, Thailand. The temple dates back to Ayutthaya era, when it was called Wat Sakae. King Rama I renovated the temple and renamed it to Wat Saket. During the reign of King Rama III the Chedi Phu Khao Thong (Golden mountain) was added to the temple. It was finished under King Rama V and then named Suwannabanphot.

Wat Saket, The Golden Mount.

A small golden statue downhill to welcome us.

Plenty of steps to go uphill. Do you notice, that many temples are built on hills and requires alot of climbing?

Saw a beautiful cafe while we were half way up. (Actually we came here to pinjam their toilet) hehe….

It was a sunny day. All of us were walking under this burning sun. I was sweating all over. Luckily I got my cartoon handkerchief with me. =p

Prayer Bells

Alex hitting the big ‘gong’.

More steps. Love the bright and blue sky. One thing I like about the Sun is I can get a good result of photo.

I noticed some pots filled with water and water lily plant, placed along the stairs. Its very pretty!

The almost blooming water lily is nice too.

The steps lead us here! Look at the beautiful panoramic view of Bangkok roof top.

View #2.

More steps! Stairway to worship. Had a really good workout here. But it feels good.

I did ‘pai pai’ here. Did not ask for more (afraid I duno how to repay back..need to take flight). So, I wished for more peace and health! That’s more realistic right?

Most of the temples in BKK has the same roof design.

Sighted few monks.

While walking towards the parking area, I noticed something cute. Aren’t these little monks look adorable?

12 zodiacs were displayed here. I chose to pose next to the dog. Oppss…have I disclosed my age?? ^_^

Some informative site:-

Coconut Sugar Farm & Damonen Saduak Floating Market

Continuing from my previous post of Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok, we head over to Damonen Saduak Floating Market. There are few floating markets in Bangkok. But I think Damonen Saduak Floating Market is the popular one. Moreover this place is often published in Travel magazine. From Railway Market, McD driver send us to the jetty which took about 10-15 minutes drive.

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is located at Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province, about 105 kms (65 miles) from Bangkok. According to history around 1866 King Rama IV ordered that a 32 kms long canal be dug at Damnoen Saduak. This canal would connect the Mae Klong River with the Tachine River.

At the pier, we waited for our chartered long tail boat with engine to ferry us to the floating market. While waiting..we were served with Thai Coconut drink. (Wahh…good hospitality wor)-all inclusive in that 3000 baht we paid earlier.

a group photo with my gfs.

a simple briefing by angmo uncle on our location the places we’ll be visiting next.

Passing by some narrow parts of river/canal with wooden houses side by side plus the discharge just make me feel disgusted with the smell (smelly) and dirty. I tried to avoid whenever there are splashes from the water.

Luckily our ‘motor boat’ has ‘bumbung’. Else I’ll become roasted Mel later. Moreover the seats are with cushion!

We have personal driver too. And he’s good at doing cornering too! ‘phiu yi’

Pit Stop at Coconut Sugar Farm – to see how the locals make coconut sugar.

The place for making coconut sugar. Where it involves boiling and heating.

sample some coconut sugar for free?hmm…ok la..but I feel that our ‘gula Melaka’ taste nicer 😉

For more info, you may refer HERE

We have reached Damonen Saduak Floating Market

Various goods are sold here, along the canal. Food, spices, fruits, cooked food, souvenirs and imitation bags. It requires some bargaining. But since this is a tourist place..I don’t really feel the price is cheap.

The result of getting there during weekend. *Traffic Jam*!

Wanyi bought a pack of ‘Jambu Air’ which is very sweet.

Our time spent on Damonen Saduak Floating Market was quite short. We did not purchase anything pun. Hahahaha…..

Do I Damonen Saduak Floating Market?? I would say its a good experience to see the culture of a rural place. But don’t think I will re-visit. Or there are other better floating market? You suggest.

How To Get There : 

GPS Location :  N 13.517462   E 99.952862
Travel from Bangkok via Thonburi-Paktoh Highway to Samut Songkhram Town. Follow the sign to Damnoen Saduak (Highway No.325).

Blog Referral:-

Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok

Initially we planned to take risk on engaging a 1 day ground tour when we arrives Bangkok (we did not pre-book any in advanced). And to our surprise, located at Bangkok City Hotel, right near to the hotel lift lobby, there’s a local tour agency by the name of ‘Chen Family Tour’. We planned to go Damonen Saduak Floating Market. And we knew about the traveling distance from our hotel to the floating market is not near. It takes an hour journey on road. Thus, with all the hassle free, we decided to inquire about the fare. We were offered with the price of 3000 baht – Travel by Van to Damonen Saduak Floating Market with additional stop at Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok (petrol and toll fee are all included). Everyone of us agreed with the charges and go ahead with the plan. Since there were 6 of us, so approximately about RM50/person.

We depart as early as 7.30am from Hotel. I would say its not really a tour, more like we chartered a Van to send us to the designated place. Reason was that, there were no tour guide and our driver doesn’t speak English. I doubt he understands English too.

Though our driver is such a nice guy…and I would name him the McD driver. Because he smiles all the time. Just like Ronald. *smile*

We were told to be early because the journey will take an hour (located at south west of Bangkok). Just at the right time to watch the train passes through the market. Have you heard about Maeklong Railway Market?? I’ve not! Therefore I’m curious about it. Maeklong Railway Market or known as Train Market its like a ‘pasar tani’ where all the vendors selling assorted goods (local fruits, seafood and vegetables) along the railway track (side to side). You may walk along the track. Its fun to witness them when the train approaches, all the vendors will be busy pulling back their canopy. Some may still be leaving their fruits on the side of the track. Makes me wonder…aren’t they tired of doing that 8 times per day? Anyhow, out of curiosity it attracts tourist to go there! The train leaves four times and it arrives four times. The track is not part of the national network. It only runs between Samut Sakhon and Samut Songkram.

We arrived at the town of Samut Songkhram.

Everyone seems to get excited and got ready with their camera when the train arrives.

Train has arrived at the station. Departed in another 1/2 hour, if I wasn’t wrong.

So tired! Where’s my train leh?? Where’s McD uncle?? He left us here and disappeared??

Vendors doing their daily business.

My travel mates decided to buy some durian from this aunty.

Unfortunately the Durian doesn’t taste good. The texture is like those semi ripe durian. I think our Malaysia’s durian taste better. Ahh…finally there’s is something I can feel proud! 😀

Squeezing to the side. This guy is getting ready on his phone’s camera? Looks like the train is coming soon.

*dong dong dong* train is alarming everyone. Some are getting ready for some exercising…some are still doing their shopping!

All cleared!

Look! Its so near! Train and stalls.

Train passing by the stalls where the durian was below it. hahaha…

Its an amazing place to visit! Next, we moved on to Damonen Saduak Floating Market.

Blogs to refer:-

Chatuchak Market in Bangkok

On Day 2 we decided to go to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. Reason is that there would be more stalls operating on weekends. Its also named as “Chatuchak Weekend Market”. From our hotel, the easiest transportation mode is to go by BTS, Phaya Thai Station to Mo Chit for 30 baht.

Another option is to take the subway (MRT) to Chatuchak Park station (exit no.1), then follow the crowd until you arrive at the small entrance that leads into the market (clothing section). For the plant and flower section, get off at Kampheng Phet MRT station (exit no. 1).

machine only accept coins.

We are heading to Mo Chit Station

Looks like our LRT jugak.

After reaches Mo Chit, we crossed over the opposite of the road using the pedestrian bridge. While we were walking towards Chatuchak Market, I saw these beautiful red and big lychees selling for just 25 baht/ kg. OMG!! So cheap! Again…I couldn’t find such cheap lychee in Malaysia *sigh*

Chatuchak Market is very huge (it covers over 35 acres (0.14 km²) and contains upwards of 5,000 stalls). I advise, if you find something you fancied or like..just purchase it (provided that you think its worth buying) else..I worried you may have difficulty in locating the shop.

Map of Chatuchak Market. Its grouped in sections. They are total of 26 sections. From the above photo, you’ll be able to understand better. There are plenty of stuff you can get it here. Please go early! It would be more crowded by late noon. Hence..every purchasing may requires some bargaining.

Imitation goods pun ada..Please dress as light as possible. Its quite warm here.

Beautiful deco lights. If you want to get some souvenirs or handcrafts, its best to get it here in Chatuchak Market. There are more choices and the price is cheaper too!

So many types of currency. Gotcha! Don’t tertipu. These are ‘look-alike-money’ wallet.

While waiting for my friends (beli-belah), I decided to have a coconut drink to quench my thirst. Other than the fragrant and chilling coconut drink, she sells coconut ice cream too. Which taste good too.

Wanyi & Ashley intend to buy a hat for themselves. Unfortunately the bargaining fails. Therefore the ‘jual-beli’ did not succeed.

I then cam-whore with my newly bought sunnies for 39 baht. *good deal*

Notice the lil dress at the background? I bought that for my dearest niece for 150 baht.

The guys just love this shop so much. Its selling various printed tee. Moreover the cloth quality is not bad too. Each of them bought like at least 6pcs. Price less than 150 baht each.

(photo curi from Andrew) Then the gals when crazy over this shop. Purchase 2 pcs and above each dresses are just 160baht.

(photo curi from Andrew) We then had a not so nice punya Chicken Rice for lunch.

Then we left Chatuchak Market at around 3pm by taxi back to our hotel.

These are all my purchases from Chatuchak Market.

A gentle reminder to everyone. Please stay alert and beware of pickpockets. They are really professional! Please keep an eye on your bag, always place your bag in front. Do not bring valuable stuff. My friend’s bag got slit. Without she realizing until she return hotel only discovered the long clean slit. Luckily no loses. (She was carrying a longchamp bag).


Chatuchak Weekend Market is open

WED-THU (Plants & Flowers) 7.00 am – 6.00 pm.

FRI (Wholesale day) 9.00 am – 6.00 pm.

SAT-SUN (Miscellaneous) 9.00 am – 6.00 pm.

Click HERE for more info.

Hotel Review – Bangkok City Hotel

Ashley and I were having a hard time deciding on the hotel in Bangkok. We planned to choose a budget hotel since we would not be spending much time in the hotel other than sleep and shower. We asked for recommendations from friends. Each person giving different recommendation. The more options we have…the more confused we got. Though its just a budget hotel, there are plenty of choices in Bangkok. My main problem is I couldn’t recognize those road names and I find it difficult to remember.

Few weeks before our departing date, Vivian visited Bangkok. She commented about this new hotel (less than 2 years old) is not bad. In terms of room condition, room rates, and location. Moreover its inclusive of breakfast. Some ding dong of here and there, finally we decided to go for Bangkok City Hotel.

Then Ashley proceed with the online reservation. Standard Room for 2 (inclusive of breakfast) for just 1190 baht.

Front view of the Hotel.

How to get here from Suvarnabhumi Airport?

The Airport Link from Suvarnabhumi Airport (6:00am-12:00pm) : take the City Line (Blue), cost 15 Baht, from the airport, take off at the last station, Phayatai. Then hire a cab to the Bangkok City Hotel, Petchaburi between Soi 10-12, approximately 1.5 kms = 35-70 Baht

Nearby attractions :

3 km from the Grand Palace, 3 km from the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, and 2 km from the Golden Mount, 1.0 km from the largest IT shopping mall, the Pantip Plaza, and the Siam Center.

Alternatively CLICK HERE

Corridor along the rooms. Please get a room at a higher floor. Else you might find it alil noisy as the hotel is located along a busy road. Our room was at 9th floor…So, it was alright.

The first thing I usually do when I enter a hotel room, is to check out the bathroom. Haha…I like nice nice bathroom ma… ^^


The sleeping place.

Room Facilities:

Air conditioning, Television, Satellite television, In-house movie (got English and Chinese Channel too) , Free Wifi, Bathtub with Hot & Cold water, Voltage 220v using Japanese or US outlet, Safety Box in room, Hair Dryer and toiletries, Kettle without coffee or tea nor cups.

Just before the door, its a cupboard for you to hang your clothes.

Well, talking about breakfast…it was just average. Everyday also serve the same food. Day 1, food on my plate was like Mt. Everest, Day 2 became Mt. Kinabalu…Day 3 decreasing..till the last day..just like the bukit behind my house. *flat* Anyway…for the price we paid..we can’t complain much about the food.

BTS Ratchathewi Station is just within 10 minutes walk. If you are lazy to walk, you can easily stop a cab in front of the hotel. Else you also can get some help from the bellboy to hire a cab. Their bellboy is quite helpful. Even help us check the taxi whether we left anything behind after we got down from the taxi.

Other than that, there’s a 7-11 2 doors away from the hotel.

Food is not a problem here too…especially at night. There are many restaurant along Petchburi Road serving local Thai food.

The hotel location. Travel time from airport to Bangkok City Hotel is about 30-40 minutes drive on road.

(Note: The hotel do provide taxi service to the airport with the fare of 450 baht.)

I am quite satisfied with this hotel. Will I return in future? YES!

For more info, click on their WEBSITE.