Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok

Initially we planned to take risk on engaging a 1 day ground tour when we arrives Bangkok (we did not pre-book any in advanced). And to our surprise, located at Bangkok City Hotel, right near to the hotel lift lobby, there’s a local tour agency by the name of ‘Chen Family Tour’. We planned to go Damonen Saduak Floating Market. And we knew about the traveling distance from our hotel to the floating market is not near. It takes an hour journey on road. Thus, with all the hassle free, we decided to inquire about the fare. We were offered with the price of 3000 baht – Travel by Van to Damonen Saduak Floating Market with additional stop at Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok (petrol and toll fee are all included). Everyone of us agreed with the charges and go ahead with the plan. Since there were 6 of us, so approximately about RM50/person.

We depart as early as 7.30am from Hotel. I would say its not really a tour, more like we chartered a Van to send us to the designated place. Reason was that, there were no tour guide and our driver doesn’t speak English. I doubt he understands English too.

Though our driver is such a nice guy…and I would name him the McD driver. Because he smiles all the time. Just like Ronald. *smile*

We were told to be early because the journey will take an hour (located at south west of Bangkok). Just at the right time to watch the train passes through the market. Have you heard about Maeklong Railway Market?? I’ve not! Therefore I’m curious about it. Maeklong Railway Market or known as Train Market its like a ‘pasar tani’ where all the vendors selling assorted goods (local fruits, seafood and vegetables) along the railway track (side to side). You may walk along the track. Its fun to witness them when the train approaches, all the vendors will be busy pulling back their canopy. Some may still be leaving their fruits on the side of the track. Makes me wonder…aren’t they tired of doing that 8 times per day? Anyhow, out of curiosity it attracts tourist to go there! The train leaves four times and it arrives four times. The track is not part of the national network. It only runs between Samut Sakhon and Samut Songkram.

We arrived at the town of Samut Songkhram.

Everyone seems to get excited and got ready with their camera when the train arrives.

Train has arrived at the station. Departed in another 1/2 hour, if I wasn’t wrong.

So tired! Where’s my train leh?? Where’s McD uncle?? He left us here and disappeared??

Vendors doing their daily business.

My travel mates decided to buy some durian from this aunty.

Unfortunately the Durian doesn’t taste good. The texture is like those semi ripe durian. I think our Malaysia’s durian taste better. Ahh…finally there’s is something I can feel proud! ๐Ÿ˜€

Squeezing to the side. This guy is getting ready on his phone’s camera? Looks like the train is coming soon.

*dong dong dong* train is alarming everyone. Some are getting ready for some exercising…some are still doing their shopping!

All cleared!

Look! Its so near! Train and stalls.

Train passing by the stalls where the durian was below it. hahaha…

Its an amazing place to visit! Next, we moved on to Damonen Saduak Floating Market.

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17 thoughts on “Maeklong Railway Market Bangkok”

    1. Wahhh….sharp eye wor. U reali bz hor? So late only online? Looks like Ham Yu…Ham Yu in dim sum basket =p Nolar…I didn’t buy..But McD bought. Haha

  1. Oh yes, I saw this railway market either on AFC or TLC… Pity the vendors, have to move to make way everytime the train goes past. That seems to be the main attraction – otherwise, it’s just like any other market anywhere, everywhere.

    I went to the Floating Market many years ago – the river was dirty and smelly. Maybe they have restored it and made it nice and clean now (like the Singapore River). Nothing much there either…to me, that is.

    1. suituapui – Correct..that makes it a unique market. yea..u r right about the dirty river. Its still the same now! Will blog about that soon. You shall see the photos ๐Ÿ˜‰

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