Dinner @ Yun Long Seafood Restaurant, Hoon Leong Temple, PD

The other day when I was in Port Dickson (PD), I decided to settle my dinner together with my family there. At PD, there are several seafood restaurants. However, I still couldn’t find a restaurant serving impressive seafood in PD. To me, they are just average.

Hence, Yun Long Seafood Restaurant is easily sighted. It is located just in front of Hoon Leong Temple. Hoon Leong Temple is located along the 7th mile of the Port Dickson coastal road, just opposite the PD World Marina Resort. This Chinese temple, with its opulent architecture and imposing fortress walls, is hard to miss at left along the main road, if coming south towards Malacca from PD town. The temple name means ‘Dragon of the Clouds’, but it pays homage to several oriental deities, including Kuan Yi (goddess of mercy) and the Monkey King.

If you understands Chinese character…do read this blog for more story.

“Hoon Leong Temple.”

Yun Long Seafood Restaurant is located in front of Hoon Leong Temple. Which is pretty visible at the roundabout.

It was quite vacant when we arrived there at about 6.30pm.

Japanese Tofu with Minced Pork – RM10

Kung Pou Chicken – RM15

Siong Tong Lala – RM15

Stir Fry Kailan – RM8

Hot Pot Seafood – RM60 (small)

Delicious and tasty soup base with hint of spiciness from dried chili. Filled with 1 whole crab, prawns, fish fillet, squids and some fried beancurd.

Hot Pot Seafood is to be eaten together with cooked vermicelli and bean sprout. Feel like I’m eating Laksa. So yummy!

Verdict : Reasonable price. Hot Pot Seafood is highly recommended. While the rest were just normal.

Yun Long Seafood Restaurant
Batu 6, Hoon Leong Temple,
Jalan Pantai,
Teluk Kemang Sirusa,
71050 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan.
Tel : 06-662 1032/31

18 thoughts on “Dinner @ Yun Long Seafood Restaurant, Hoon Leong Temple, PD”

  1. Temple, not vegetarian kah? Eeeee…everyone’s going to temples today kah – Merryn also went to a temple… LOL!!! The Kung Pou chicken looks really good… Yum!!!

  2. so next time you bring me to eat .. izzit?
    lol…dont tell me later that you need to mandi the kereta .. I don’t like candle light dinner..
    so a great big spotlight will be GREAT.. lol…

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