Picnic at Port Dickson

Last weekend I spent some time with my family at Port Dickson beach. We planned to go picnic there. And the weather was all good. Not really sunny and did not rain. Port Dickson is just half an hour drive from Seremban. Therefore, the idea of getting there for a family day isn’t tough.

Port Dickson is developing now. Finally there’s a McD!! Located at PD Waterfront  (near town). Unfortunately there are still many abandoned resorts which is an eye sore. Whenever I sees an abandoned building…my mind will start to imagine some spooky stuff… =p

Nice weather with people strolling along the beach.

I chose this part of beach which is located next to Avilion Resort. (Not so crowded & quite clean). But you will need to walk further if you need to go to toilet.

There are tables and benches provided for people who planned to picnic there.

Mummy prepared some light food. Otak-Otak Samosa (bought from supermarket and self deep fried it) ,Fried Chicken (marinated overnight with kunyit) and Apple+Water Chesnut drink. The fried chicken was ‘finger licking good!’ ^^

visitors having fun at beach. There are people doing fishing there too.

guess this couple were having fun at beach too.

Do you like the sandy beach?

Alex abandoned his slipper here. *kesian…

my slipper and a dead coral.

Sis brought some toys for Vernice to play there.

She has yet to get used to the beach. She kept saying dirty @_@.

Vernice : YiYi…tissue please….

Yea..this was the purpose of asking tissue from me. Busy wipping her feet! =p

Finally! Braving herself to lift her ‘heavy’ feet from the mat. hahaha…

Everybody getting their hands on the sand.

Mummy was happy too…

The result. A rejected ‘sand castle’ and a cacat feet! Hahaha….

Mel with Alex ^_^

Alex : Aiyohhh….so heavy lah! Can’t carry. My bones are cracking!!

Mel : Kahwin time can carry…Why now can’t edi?

Alex : Last time was light, and now so heavy!

Mel : @_@ KNS!!

Water sports; banana boat, water scooter or a boat ride with some charges.

Have a nice day! ♥

16 thoughts on “Picnic at Port Dickson”

  1. i’m not a big fan of the beach, which explains why my last time in port dickson was probably in the 1980s, but i’m sure i should revisit! looks like the seaside is still really nice here 😀

  2. Hey!! Your girl’s so pretty lah… I don’t know how many years I have not been to PD. Not a beach person but when I was working, many of our meetings, seminars, workshops were held there. Small place…but must be very different now.

    1. suituapui – does she looks like me?? Aiyoo…I’ll be fortunate if I have such a big daughter. hehehe….
      Hhmmm….its slightly improved now…But it took quite a long time for it to develop.

  3. Why aunty never age one?! still so pretty and elegant.
    Vernice so big liao leh…… Can they stay small small like baby ah? Hahahaha… She’s getting prettier and prettier lah.
    Kesiannya Alex…. Alex, eat more lah, then u can carry Mel Mel. Hahahahaha….

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