Lazy People Made Lazy Jelly


Today is one HOT day. So I decided to go to shopping mall for lunch together with mummy. At the same time can enjoy some free aircond. Before we went home, we decided to drop by the supermarket. I remembered I still have some leftover canned fruits in the refrigerator. Therefore I decided to buy a packet of ready mix Konnyaku Jelly. I can make them as an after meal dessert tonight.

A packet of ready mix Konnyaku jelly for RM4.50. And my leftover canned fruits.

Why do I name my post as Lazy People Made Lazy Jelly? Because the steps are very easy….ngam for lazy people like me. Kekeke……

Look….aren’t they easy? Everything is complete in that mixture. All you need to do is just boil and stir it. Simple as ABC 😁

I saw this edible coloring BLUE in the kitchen, is pretty interesting. So I decided to use it. Simply put a drop or 2 is sufficient!

Pour the cooked jelly liquid into Konnyaku Jelly moulds just like above. Let it cool down before you chill it in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

Ta Daahhhh….the outcome of my “Lazy People Made Lazy Jelly”. Preparation time was less than 30minutes ☺

24 thoughts on “Lazy People Made Lazy Jelly”

  1. that’s a lot of jelly! i’m assuming you can continue keeping it in the fridge and enjoying it for the next two days! very nice-looking though … it was raining in KL today, so the weather was pretty cool, but on saturday, i could have really loved some cold jelly! 😀

  2. Lol what with the first pic?
    N the blue jelly match your top…
    I m not a big fan of jelly .. Last time when I was in Uni I use to make jelly shot…
    We use vodka to replace the water and we make it small and swallow it..
    After few mins everyone face become red…
    How was ur holiday good?

    1. 1st pic is to say that the weather is so panas! And I feel so panas as well ma..
      Ya…coincidentally matches my blouse oso hor…
      WOW…so kik punya vodka.
      My holiday ar…lazing around lo. “I’ll be back!”….

  3. I love jellies, but I buy ready to eat ones. With this could be a great savings. great to share to others, too.

  4. so now lazy people can realy make lazy jelly.i shud try it too.and melissa u looking soo cute in that first pic.

  5. Waaaaah.. your beautiful jelly makes me wanna go supermarket after work and grab a packet of it and make jelly to eat.. huhuhu… i know the steps are easy.. but sometimes.. lazy people like me just don’t feel like doing it.. hahaha.. contradict. O.o

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