My Big 3……

Yesterday was my birthday. I’ve just step into the age 30s! Wow…I couldn’t believe it lor…The Big 3! HB said…3 jiong yeh* mou dak chau. (if you could understand canto).

No grand parties…No grand celebration..But celebrated it with family and also HB, that’s more than enough.

These cakes are from ‘Just Heavenly’. I got to know about their cakes through Cherry@Monkey and Baby Sumo.  They mentioned that their cakes are good. I told HB much earlier that I wanted these cakes for my birthday. I did not choose whole cake because I wanted to try more flavors. Too bad the ‘red velvet’ was all sold out.

(From left to right) :- Death by Choc, Black Forest, Choc & Cheese.

All of them tasted so goooood….Fine, light and moist. Moreover its not too sweet. do notice or curious why are all chocolate? Reason is that, I am a chocolate lover. I was seriously drown with ‘Death by Choc’!

When I was in mid 20s….so young! & oso slim….

Now…in early 30s! Older and fatter T_T

sequel of me blowing candle! ^_^

HB and I….

Happy Birthday to me. If you ask me did I had a good one. Yes..I did!

HB got me my favorite hello kitty character birthday card with an ugly but lovely sketch and also a smart phone. He knew I wanted a phone for quite sometime. He surprised me with it. I cried seeing the content. Oppss..*paiseh. Too happy and unexpected ma… =p

31 thoughts on “My Big 3……”

  1. Welcome to the 30s club! I’ll only be a member for a few more years before I join the 40s club though, heh. But anyways, you definitely can still pass off for someone in her mid-20s. happy belated birthday and here’s hoping that 30 will be your best year yet 😀

  2. Your BIG 3!!! Kakakaka…… Now we’re in the same group liao. LOL!
    So sweet of Alex! He’s so thoughtful… Now you cannot complain that he don’t give you surprise liao, this time really surprise gao gao leh. Hahahahaha

      1. Then you will turn to big 4 huh.. Lol
        Btw your hair really remind me of it….
        May all your wish come true ya….
        Hope you wish some for me….

  3. Happy Birthday day Mel Mel!

    As we get older, age does count but we can always live young. Looking back and in comparison -you have achieve so much, such a ‘long’ way and I bet now you are enjoying your life more than when you are in 20s. Life is getting better, got hitched, happy family, true friends by your side, more spending power, house of your own, travelling etc.

    Getting old is good!!

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