The ‘Auntie’ That Cooks

Ever since I own a house…I became like ‘auntie’. Checking out the supermarket deals, to know whether the price is worth buying or not. Gotto be a wise consumer too. I used to do my grocery shopping over the weekend at Jusco supermarket because the place is convenient to me, the vege are quite clean and at the same time I can collect points. Hahaha…

Today, I’ve just checked what is on offer for this weekend.

Hmm..not much of offer. Ohh…Dettol shower foam quite cheap. Duno Alex want to buy or not.

On weekdays, I will usually cook at home. May be 2 to 3 times a week. Most of the time I can only prepare those simple, easy and quick dishes. Forget about those time consuming ones. Else Alex will die of hunger! Wahahahha….

Therefore I must zoom and prepare the dinner within 1 hour or sometimes a lil extra time. That’s inclusive of washing, cutting, cooking & cleaning. (Multitasking in kitchen). Luckily my kitchen is still in good condition…not burned. :-p

Even the fish also making SOS call. But it was too late…

Last week when Alex’s younger brothers came over for dinner..I prepared this 3 dish 1 soup after I came home from work. Ya…I was working like a sotong…(multitasking….) *phew….but feel satisfied when I see these dishes cleared up!

When East meets West…it can be good too.

A compilation of what I’ve cooked so far. (of course I only choose those nice ones to put here lah..) My home cooked meal usually cost around RM10-RM20. I often cook extra so that I can keep a portion for my lunch box the following day. Can save money and time ma…. 😉

26 thoughts on “The ‘Auntie’ That Cooks”

  1. ooo macaroni noodles soup..
    I don’t like macaroni..
    coz last time when I sick my mum always cook macaroni for me..
    so now kinda phobia.. unless yours one are very SEDAP le…

  2. Ahhhh!!! Nice, delightful home cooking! Nothing can beat that! Hmmm…the mosaic spoils it all – can;t really see all the nice dishes you’ve cooked – in my case, at least…old man, failing eyesight and all. 😦

  3. The of home cooked food:D Love the nice feeling of cooking and having the food cleared from the table. Washing up however isn’t so fun:(

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